SKY – Images Of Hooded Afghan Women ‘Bust The Myth’ The Taliban Is Now ‘Gentler And Kinder’

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Sky News host Peta Credlin says images of hooded Afghan women in a Kabul lecture theatre “bust the myth” that the Taliban of 2021 is “gentler and kinder” than the Taliban of 2001. “According to reports they’re saying some of these women are wearing head coverings that completely cover their eyes,” she said. “Let’s be very clear about what this is. It is stone age stuff. “It’s grotesque, it’s evil, it diminishes women to the status of non-person. “Now think for a second about the pathetic insecurity at the heart of this ideology that permits it. “One that’s so terrified by the prospect of women and girls with identities and bodies and faces, even hands, that they imprison them under these cloaks of black and only allow the human woman to be seen in the home.”