SKY – Australians Will Be ‘Furious’ If Sacrifices To Stop The Spread Of COVID-19 Come ‘Undone’

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Sky News host Peta Credlin says Australians will be “furious” if they’ve been “locked in their homes for months” to stop the spread of COVID-19, for it to all be undone “the moment the doors are open”. Ms Credlin discussed growing concerns within the tech community about the difficulties associated with implementing a vaccine passport. “Given governments’ repeated IT failures – just think about the Federal Government’s epic fail with the COVIDSafe app,” Ms Credlin said. “Plus the challenge of sharing information across a myriad of different government platforms – this already sounds like a minefield. “After shutting ourselves off from the world, to keep the virus out, at such inconvenience and heartache; and having endured repeated lockdowns, I can’t see the Australian people being relaxed about letting anyone and everyone come in once the international border is reopened.”

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