European Ex-Health Commissioner John Dalli Charged With Bribery – € 60 Millions

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Employment Minister John Dalli over-ruled the ETC board ...
John Dalli

A former European health commissioner will face criminal charges of 60 million euros (US$71.1 million) in a bribery scandal that dates back to 2012. A criminal charge in a bribery scandal of more than 60 million euros (US$71.1 million) dating back to 2012.

The Maltese politician John Dali is expected to appear in court in Malta on September 17, facing an assistant seeking millions of bribes to help overturn the EU ban on snuff, which is a kind of This kind of smokeless tobacco originated in Scandinavia. At the time, Dalli’s role as health commissioner included overseeing EU tobacco regulatory reform efforts. His assistant Silvio Zammit was accused of peddling and participating in a bribery case with influence in 2012, but the case has been delayed until the judge decided to close the case last year due to lengthy procedures. Under the pressure of the controversy, Dali resigned as commissioner in October 2012, but never received any sanctions.

Zammit was accused of peddling influence and complicity in a bribery case in 2012, but the case has been delayed so much that the court ruled earlier this year that the lengthy proceedings violated Zammit’s rights. It revealed a recording of Zammit soliciting 10 million euros ($11.82 million) in bribes from tobacco lobbyists. Although Zammit was prosecuted for being involved in a tobacco scandal, Dalli never faced any consequences, except for leaving his job after the European anti-fraud campaign. An investigation by the Office of the Office (OLAF) revealed a bribery attempt. Dali told the Times of Malta that the current allegations are part of a continuing campaign against him initiated by the Maltese police chief Angelo Gaffa and former OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler. Jiafa was the chief investigator of the 2012 case.