The JUSTIFIED Execution Of Jenny Barkmann – The BRUTAL Spectre Of Stutthof

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Following the Second World War, the Allies and the Red Army liberated the concentration camps in which the Nazis had committed horrific crimes and the Holocaust within. Camps such as Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz told the true horrors of the Holocaust, and after World War 2 a number of trials took place to bring the criminals responsible for the war crimes to justice.

The most high profile trials were the Nuremberg Trials, however there were many smaller ones that served to punish the guards from different camps. Jenny Barkmann was a young female concentration camp guard who in 1944 as the conflict was turning against the Nazis and the Germans found herself working within a concentration camp. Barkmann became a guard within Stutthof Concentration Camp, a camp outside of Danzig but over the years thousands of innocent people were killed there.

The conditions were horrific with terrible starvation and disease plaguing the camp, and also the gas chambers were used there to carry out the Holocaust. Barkmann became known as the ‘Beautiful Spectre,’ and was known for regularly viciously beating prisoners sometimes to death, and also taking part in the selections sending people to their deaths. After the conflict she was arrested and placed on trial, before being sentenced to death and condemned for her crimes. In front of a huge crowd of around 200,000 her sentence was carried out…

So join us as we look at, ‘The JUSTIFIED Execution Of Jenny Barkmann – The BRUTAL Spectre Of Stutthof.’