The JUSTIFIED Execution Of Friedrich Entress – The Doctor Of Auschwitz

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As the German Army captured much territory across Europe, the Nazis established concentration camps across the nations that they seized control of. Many were set up inside Germany, but the largest complex was established in Poland and that was Auschwitz. Auschwitz became a huge centre of evil and depravity, and inside the gates of the camp the worst evils were committed. Some of the most infamous names associated with the Holocaust such as Josef Mengele, Josef Kramer and others would work inside the camp inflicting much suffering.

One of these men was Friedrich Entress, who worked inside Block 21 of the camp as a doctor. Inside here he performed many different experiments on prisoners, and murdered many in cold blood. It was estimated that each day Entress was killing around 100 prisoners, and subjected many people to illnesses such as TB and Typhoid. He tried different medications on patients that were rather horrific also. After the Second World War he was arrested as Germany fell, and he was placed on trial for his role inside of the concentration camps. He was sentenced to death and then executed at Landsberg Prison for his crimes.

So join us today as we look at, ‘The JUSTIFIED Execution Of Friedrich Entress – The Doctor of Auschwitz.’