The JUSTIFIED Execution Of Ruth Neudeck – The EVIL Beast Of Ravensbruck

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During the Second World War, the German Army and the Nazis conquered large swathes of territory across Europe. In Germany and the newly Nazi-occupied lands, huge networks of concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen were established. It was inside these horrific camps that the Holocaust occurred with millions suffering from horrific treatment before they were then killed. Ravensbruck Concentration Camp was established as a camp for mostly women and children and it was here where many of the evil female guards associated with the Holocaust trained and worked.

One of these was Ruth Neudeck, a young lady who wished to work at the camp and very quickly she got her hands dirty and developed a reputation for being a sadistic and barbaric SS guard. She was known for her ill-treatment of prisoners and even murdering a number of them in brutal fashion. She also encouraged other guards to treat prisoners in this way, however her bosses were so impressed with her that they promoted her very high. She even at one point over-saw a sub-camp and extermination centre. Neudeck was also known for selections, choosing people to be sent straight to the gas chambers. After the Second World War was lost for Germany, she did try to escape however was captured by the British and placed on trial. She was then sentenced to death, and met her end at the gallows with Albert Pierrepoint in charge of her execution.

So join us today as we look at, ‘The JUSTIFIED Execution Of Ruth Neudeck, The EVIL Beast of Ravensbruck.’