SKY – It Is ‘Dangerously Naïve’ To Pretend China Isn’t A ‘Threatening Dictatorship’

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Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the idea that we can pretend China isn’t a threatening dictatorship is “dangerously naïve”. “Two years ago the Morrison Government set up something called the University Foreign Interference Taskforce,” Mr Bolt said. “Put simply it’s a group to stop the Chinese dictatorship especially from getting its tentacles into our universities. “Today we read for instance it wants students trained to spot interference threats on campus and report them. Academics working with overseas institutions will be trained to watch out for their critical research being stolen. All that is good. “But then I read this, that a confidential plan to force university to reveal a decade of foreign political and financial interests has been met with such fierce backlash that the federal government is now reviewing the proposal. “If universities are now kicking back … please wake up .