Hitler’s Jewish Doctor – Surviving The Holocaust

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As Adolf Hitler seized control in Germany, almost instantly the persecution of the Jews occured inside Hitler’s Third reich. It began with policies that prevented Jews from having specific freedoms such as being allowed to visit the same theatres or parks as Germans. This was the beginning that resulted in the Holocaust and mass deportations to concentration camps such as Auschwitz or Bergen-Belsen.

However there was one Jewish man who Adolf Hitler spared, and he and the Dictator of Nazi Germany went back a long way. Edmund Bloch set up a doctor’s practice in Linz and whilst Adolf Hitler was a child he regularly visited the Hitler home. He first looked after Hitler as he had an issue with his lungs, however Adolf Hitler’s mother Klara then became incredibly sick and later died from breast cancer. It was Bloch who tried to treat her, and he regularly through the goodness of his heart did not charge the Hitler’s for his time or treatments. For this Adolf Hitler was forever grateful of Edmund Bloch, but as he was Jewish he feared the Nazis in Austria. However Hitler warned the Gestapo to keep a close eye on Bloch, and the doctor managed to live a normal life during the mass persecutions of the Jews. He even was allowed to sell his house, and gain safe passage to the United States of America granted by Hitler himself.

Edmund Bloch was Hitler’s Jewish Doctor who managed to survive the Holocaust.