The BRUTAL Execution Of Clara Petacci – Mussolini’s Mistress – Video

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During the Second World War, Benito Mussolini was closely allied to Adolf Hitler and under the Axis, Italy and Nazi Germany fought together. Benito Mussolini famously was the fascist dictator who led Italy, however after their failings during World War Two he fell from grace heavily, and was eventually executed by Partisans in brutal fashion, before his body was displayed in Milan. However Mussolini was not executed alone that day, alongside him was his much younger mistress, Clara Petacci.

Clara Petacci was over 20 years younger than her lover Mussolini, however she became obsessed with him at a young age and wrote him many letters. After a chance meeting, Mussolini granted her a second chance to meet, and shortly after Petacci became one of his mistresses. Mussolini was very devoted to her, and called her regularly at length and they grew incredibly close. Mussolini showered Petacci in gifts, property and money and her family also benefitted, but it would not last forever. After Mussolini’s capture and arrest, Petacci was also arrested and the truth about their affair came out and it shocked Italians.

The order to execute Mussolini had been given, and it was carried out by Walter Audisio however alongside her lover, Petacci was also killed by machine gun fire. Their bodies were then taken to a square in Milan and displayed in front of an angry mob and a huge crowd.

So join us today as we look at, ‘The BRUTAL Execution Of Clara Petacci – Mussolini’s Mistress.’