Sky – Afghanistan Crisis ‘Purely’ Of Joe Biden’s Own Making

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The crisis and tragedy in Afghanistan is “purely” of US President Joe Biden’s own making, according to Digital Editor Jack Houghton. Horrific footage has emerged in the aftermath of the ISIS-K terrorist attack at Kabul airport, which killed dozens of people attempting to flee Afghanistan. The New York Times reported two explosions ripped through crowds outside of the airport hours after Western governments were warned of an imminent Islamic State attack.

Mr Houghton said the tragedy is of Biden’s own making and his media responses in the lead-up to the attack have left many onlookers “feeling frustrated and angry”. “So used to not having to explain himself to a loving media, we are now witnessing scenes of a US President fleeing press conferences and refusing to explain the reasoning behind his decisions,” Mr Houghton said. “Whatever criticism you may have of Trump, everyone knows he would have stood there for hours and answered every question thrown at him”. “The world is stuck with Biden, and I truly hope journalists stop letting him walk away without explaining the latest mess he has dragged all of us into.”