The HORRIFIC Execution Of Edith Stein – The Saint Of Auschwitz

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During the Second World War, concentration camps were used by the Nazis to carry out the evil of the Holocaust. It was within these horrific camps that so many innocent people were killed, and Auschwitz was the biggest killing centre. Inside of the camp, gas chambers were used and within minutes of arriving at Auschwitz scores were killed.

One of these to suffer was Edith Stein, who after World War 2 became a saint within the Catholic Church. Edith Stein was born into a Jewish family, however she converted to Catholicism whilst studying a book that changed her life. She then joined a monastery and continued her work as a philosopher and she was regarded as an intellectual elite, but when the Nazis took control she was forced to leave her job and was eventually arrested before being taken to Auschwitz.

Shortly after arriving at the camp, Edith did not pass the selection process to make it into the camp to work and was sent straight to the gas chambers. Alongside hundreds of other innocent people she was killed within minutes of arriving at Auschwitz. After World War 2 she later became a Saint and today is celebrated because of it.

So join us today as we look at ‘The HORRIFIC Execution Of Edith Stein – The Saint of Auschwitz.’