The HORRIFIC Execution And Torture Of Guy Fawkes – Video

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Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November. The story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot was one of the most important events in English History, and it’s legacy today has been shown in many films. But what was the story behind the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament, and also kill King James I? Guy Fawkes was caught on the morning of the 5th November 1605 literally sitting on over 30 barrels on gunpowder, and in his pocket were some matches. He was dressed in riding gear and was most probably preparing to light the gunpowder that day, to blow the King and Queen, Parliament and Government to bits following the State Opening of Parliament.

Following his capture, he would be interrogated heavily, and was even tortured brutally using the Rack. His torture on the Rack would lead to extreme suffering that would even be evident when he signed his confession. Most people assume Guy Fawkes was burned as the Bonfire Night celebrations in Britain show him being burned on a fire. However he was executed by being Hanged, Drawn and Quartered. However before his execution, as he led his way up to the scaffold Fawkes would have the last say.

So join us today as look at the HORRIFIC execution and torture of Guy Fawkes.