Italy – Crowd Rallies In Rome In Fresh Protest Against Green Pass

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Over 10,000 people demonstrated this Saturday at the Piazza del Popolo in Rome after a digital certificate restricting access to public venues for unvaccinated people came into force.

The Green Pass allows vaccinated people to enter museums, bars and restaurants, public swimming pools and gyms, places that can also be accessed by people who recovered from COVID-19 in the last six months or can provide a negative test result. Protesters were seen carrying ‘No Green Pass’ banners and signs reading ‘We’re all brothers – vaccinated or not’ and ‘Freedom of choice for teachers and students.’

Some protesters were concerned about the effect of the health pass on their jobs: “We are only one part of the sector. But we are connected to everyone. Restaurants, hotels – but tour guides suffer from this problem. It is a form of discrimination. It is discrimination.” From September on, according to the Italian press, the Green Pass will also be required to enter any kind of educational centre. Teachers, students and staff from the educational sector will need a health pass to get access to universities and schools. Restrictions on medium and long-distance travel will also be implemented in September. According to reports, the Green Pass will become obligatory for travelling by train from one region to another. This regulation is supposed to prevent the spreading of the virus after possible regional outbreaks.