Video – The EXPLODING Kings And Queens Of England!

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Some of the most famous English Kings and Queens are known for their brutality. Possibly the most famous King of England has to be Henry VIII who is mostly remembered for his 6 wives, of which he ordered the executions of two of these inside the Tower of London.

Also Elizabeth I is considered one of the greatest Queens of England, and during her reign its considered a golden age with Shakespeare writing, the Spanish Armada defeated and Mary Queen of Scots out of the equation. Another rather influential King of England was William the Conqueror who defeated Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings.

In 1066 he claimed the Kingdom of England and became the King of England, however he was known for brutality forcing the country to submit to his rule. He ordered Motte and Bailey Castles to be built, and also ordered the creation of the Domesday Book however his most savage act was the Harrying of the North. It’s estimated that 100,000 people died due to his acts in the North burning down villages and planting salt into the fields.

However there is one horrific thing that these three monarchs have in common, and that is the fact they all allegedly exploded after death, and because of this gruesome stories have emerged about them. So join us today as we look at, ‘EXPLODING Kings and Queens Of England!’