The BRUTAL Execution Of Lepa Radic – The Teenage Girl Executed By The Nazis

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During the Second World War, the Nazis and the German Army encountered a significant degree of resistance in the form of different militia groups. One of them was the Partisans, who operated in the Baltic States and wished to rid their country of the Nazis.

The Nazis had been committing massacre and genocide in the region, shipping off Jews and many other innocent people to concentration camps such as Auschwitz, where they were massacred in the Holocaust. The Partisans were considered the most dangerous resistance group faced by the Wehrmacht. One young Partisan was Lepa Radic, who was just a 17 year old girl when she was executed by the Nazis and the SS.

Lepa Radic was a girl who’s family were linked to communist groups and after the Nazis took control of Yugoslavia the Radic family were imprisoned. They were broke out of prison by the Partisans, and then Lepa a teenage girl joined them. She was a useful tool for the Partisans, as she was great at recruiting young members. However during a bloody battle The Battle of Neretva, Lepa was placed in charge of evacuating over 100 women and children to safety.

However she was stormed by the SS, and she tried her best to fight. Lepa Radic fired bullets from her rifle towards the SS division, however was quickly overwhelmed and captured. After this she was interrogated and tortured but she refused to give up any information about the Partisans. For this she was sentenced to death and was executed in front of a small crowd by the Nazis. It was noted how defiant she was even at her own execution as she faced her death.