Jason Israel – Cuba’s Detainment Of Protestors ‘Straight Out Of An Autocrat’s Playbook’

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Cuba’s detainment of activists from the antigovernment protests is “straight out of an autocrat’s playbook”, according to Former Pentagon advisor Jason Israel.

“You see these numbers you see there’s 500 and probably more than that missing and you’re sort of shocked,” he told Sky News Australia.

Mr Israel said the Cuba has a “court system that arbitrarily detains” and the judicial branch is a part of, and subservient to, the legislative branch.

“You watch human rights watch and its thousands of ppl each year that are arbitrarily detained even when these protests aren’t taking place.” “They reached their peak in 2015 with 800 people per month being arbitrarily detained in Cuba so this is straight out of an autocrat’s playbook.”