The Cycle Of Violence – The Unsolved Murder of Silvia Duzán And Why It Still Matters Today

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In 1990, Colombia was shocked by the horrific murder of a popular investigative journalist Silvia Duzan. She was working on a hopeful story about how several peasant leaders banned together against the violence of cartel rule, but ended up being assassinated alongside her interviewees.

Thirty years later, filmmaker Paola Desiderio is exploring the tragic event and the story around it in her upcoming documentary “The Law of Silence”. It is a sad yet inspiring story about the perseverance of human spirit in the hardest of circumstance and a decades-long search for justice.

Paula tells us why the documentary is still relevant, whether Colombia is any safer for journalists today than thirty years ago and what can be done to break the cycle of violence. #Colombia #SilviaDuzan