China’s Top Spy Head Dong Jinwei Did Defect!? China Lied About Him

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The world is looking for one man: #DongJingwei, vice minister of the Ministry of State Security for the #Chinesegovernment. Dong revealed #US companies and officials helped hide the #virusorigin; Dong Jingwei also revealed the Chinese government has sensitive information and photos of Hunter Biden. U.S. officials from multiple agencies have denied the rumor or indicated that the defection story was inaccurate, but did not confirm the whereabouts of Dong Jingwei.

#China claims he still resides there and serves in his post, offering meeting minutes and a brief video alleged to be from a meeting he recently attended. Online news sources, including RedState, say differently. Claiming that Dong defected in mid-February under the pretense of visiting his daughter, who is attending college in California. Although Zooming In can not independently confirm Dong Jingwei’s defection and his current residence in the U.S.. Based on our own research, however, we have concluded that it is very likely that the China Central Television’s (#CCTV) report about Dong Jingwei attending a meeting in China was fake. Simone Gao will tell you why in today’s video.