Video – The JUSTIFIED Execution Of Maximilian Grabner – The Torturer of Auschwitz

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During the Second World War, the Nazis inflicted mass suffering and horror onto millions within the Concentration Camp system. As the Red Army and the Allies rampaged through Nazi-occupied territory, they came across many of the horrific camps of the Holocaust.

The British for example when they came across Bergen-Belsen were greeted by thousands of corpses and thousands of severely ill prisoners suffering from Typhus. The largest camp of the Holocaust was Auschwitz, which was liberated by the Soviet Red Army. The prisoners there told of many brutal SS guards and members of staff who made the camp hell on earth. One particular man was Maximilian Grabner, the man who was referred to as ‘The Torturer of Auschwitz.’

Grabner was a high ranking member of the Gestapo who operated within Auschwitz and he carried out horrific crimes. He was in charge of torture at the camp, and regularly brutalised prisoners using the standing cells and would beat prisoners horrifically. Grabner also carried out executions within Block 11 and also the death wall, and he was in charge of ensuring prisoners did not escape or have contact with the outside world. He was arrested by the Nazis though and investigated for corruption and theft. Grabner was accused of executing 2000 prisoners without any death warrant or permission. After the war he was captured and then sentenced to death at the Auschwitz trial, being killed at Krakow Prison.