Documentary – The Holocaust Avengers – Taking Revenge Against The Nazis

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During the Second World War, the true crimes of the Nazi regime were revealed to the world as the Red Army and the Allies liberated concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. There was a feeling that the perpetrators of the Holocaust needed bringing to justice, and some of this was administered during war crimes trials such as ‘The Nuremberg Trials.’

However there was a group of Jews and former prisoners who wanted to seek revenge further, and wanted to inflict huge suffering onto the Germans and the Nazis who had caused them great suffering. Abba Kovner along with a number of other former inmates of concentration camps and Partisan fighters would form Nakam, a group of soldiers who would try to avenge the Holocaust. Nakam would plan to kill as many Germans as they could by instigating two plans. Plan A was that the group would infiltrate the water supply of Nuremberg, a city which before World War 2 was a Nazi stronghold, synonymous with the Nuremberg rallies. With this, Nakam agents would introduce poison into the water supply and wished to kill 6 million people. Plan B was to poison many SS guards and soldiers who had been kept inside American Prisoner of War camps after the end of the conflict.

This plan was actually carried out, as Nakam members managed to infiltrate a bakery supplying break to a camp, and poison 3000 loaves of bread which caused thousands of German POWs to become ill. Nakam ultimately was a group that wished for the Holocaust to be avenged, with strikes occuring at the heart of the country which had caused the most suffering, Germany.