Video – The Bizarre Rise & Suspicious Death Of John McAfee

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This is John McAfee – the eccentric tech millionaire, playboy, suspected murderer, international fugitive, presidential candidate, crypto enthusiast… And the same man behind that annoying software called McAfee Antivirus that you probably have installed on your computer right now if you have windows John has lived a… wild existence Could he, as a 75 year old man with deteriorating health, not take it anymore? Or did the US government have something to do with it?

This is the ridiculous, bizarre, strange rise & suspicious death… of John McAfee John David McAfee was born on a US Army base in England in 1945. McAfee ended up growing up in Roanoke, Virginia. In school, McAfee was hardly the nerd you’d imagine would become one of the biggest tech entrepreneurs of the 20th century. He admitted although he got straight A’s and did well in math, he was a lazy kid and almost never studied. Then he got a position as a programmer at Lockheed Martin And in 1986 as home computers were taking off, two brothers in Pakistan launched the world’s first computer virus nicknamed “Brain” – and McAfee saw an opportunity he couldn’t pass up 1987, McAfee launches McAfee Associates to create his all-in-one antivirus software, called VirusScan. Which was the first of its kind and covered all of the dozen or so computer viruses that existed back then. The software worked and he decided to make it free for anyone to use Within the first month of its launch, 4 million people were using it By 1990, millions of computers were using it and companies were paying over $5m a year to license it And by 1992, more than half of the Fortune 500 companies had McAfee on their computers McAfee became a tech icon He became the leading voice on the threat of computer viruses and by 1992, McAfee Associates IPO’d – making him worth $80 million dollars. In 1994, McAfee was pushed out of management – so he sold his shares for $100m and left the company And from there he would spend the next one and a half decades living the life of a tech mogul with more much money than he knew what to do with He bought multiple cars, built 9 homes, became an adrenaline junkie, then a new\-age yoga guru, then built an adventure sports resort in New Mexico… But by 2008, McAfee says he kept getting hit with frivolous lawsuits by people who wanted to take his money And by 2009, he had seemingly hit hard times and had to auction off everything he owned Years later, he would claim that this was all a ruse to make it look like he was broke so the lawsuits would stop McAfee took his “remaining” millions and headed to Belize in Central America, in search of a more… simple life…