The JUSTIFIED Execution Of Julius Streicher – The EVIL Nazi Newspaper Editor

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During the Second World War and as Hitler rose power within Germany, there were a group of high ranking Nazis who helped brainwash the population and also help Hitler instigate a reign of terror.

Following World War 2, the Nuremberg Trials took place in which the remaining high ranking members of the Nazi Party were placed in front of a trial and judged for their crimes such as waging war and the Holocaust. One of these men was Julius Streicher, a horrifically anti-semitic man who helped to spread hatred across Hitler’s Third Reich.

Julius Streicher was by Hitler side since the very start. He was present when Hitler tried to seize control of Munich during the Beer Hall Putsch, and he was a close friend to the Fuhrer of Germany. He later became the Gauleiter of Franconia. Streicher is most well known today for being the founder of Der Sturmer, a virulently anti-semitic newspaper that spread propaganda against those in Germany that were persecuted. Der Sturmer contained shocking images and accusations.

Although Streicher was not a member of the army or the military, after the Second World War he was placed on trial for his crimes involving the Holocaust. It was found that he was guilty of spreading hate and contributing towards the persecution, and for this he was sentenced to death.

It was with the Nuremberg Executions that Streicher was killed by the executioner John C Woods, but his execution did not go to plan. So join us today as we look at, ‘The JUSTIFIED Execution Of Julius Streicher – The EVIL Nazi Newspaper Editor.’