Presidential Documents – Executive Order 14017 – America’s Supply Chains – Original Document

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Ransomware Attack Hits Data Center Provider CyrusOne: Report | Threatpost

Colonial Pipeline, supplier of 45% of East Coast fuel, was paralyzed in February by DarkSide ransomware attack.

In response to the Colonial Pipeline event attributed to the ransomware group DarkSide, the Biden Administration has announced an all-of-government effort to mitigate potential energy supply disruptions. On top of temporary actions to relieve fuel shortages, agencies such as the FBI and CISA have released advisory documents to “help [critical infrastructure] owners and operators improve their entity’s functional resilience by reducing their vulnerability to ransomware.”

In addition, President Biden signed an Executive Order designed broadly to “improve the nation’s cybersecurity,” although experts are already questioning whether the anticipated measures could have prevented any of the recent serious cyber events such as SolarWinds or Colonial Pipeline.