Leaked – Medical Cases From EMA About Children Who Suffer From Covid19Vaccine Treatment – Original Documents

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The EMA database of adverse drug reactions contains a number of entries that indicate that young children from the age of one were vaccinated. If everything had gone well, you would not find any entries there – but in addition to facial paralysis, uncontrolled twitching, fever and more, there have apparently been several deaths. Another shocking finding is that the vaccine can be passed on to the infant through breast milk, which can lead to serious side effects.

Our editorial team regularly evaluates the available databases for side effects for drugs. Be it the VigiBase of the WHO, the VAERS in the USA or the Yellow Card System in Great Britain. An informant pointed out the numerous cases in the EMA database relating to children from infancy.

Now it is getting very difficult to say that all of these cases have nothing to do with the vaccines. In addition, the question arises whether not every single one of these cases should be considered a crime, because no vaccine is even remotely approved for children. Incidentally, study data such as that of the child vaccination study from Great Britain are expressly not included in the EMA database.