Naked Panic In Stasi – Stadl – Hundreds Of Fake GSA Websites Are Supposed To Cover Up The Real Website

With the help of the Rostock Black-Hat – GSA tools, the Neo-Stasi are trying to cover up the original posts of this blog.

This has been the case for years. But now the action has almost assumed pandemic proportions, a Stasi-GoMoPa-Corona-Nonsense-Blog-Pandemic, so to speak.

Compliments, dear Neo-Stasi troops, there is no better testimony for the effectiveness of this website

For this a big thank you!

And don’t forget: keep producing more nonsense websites.

I have another suggestion: How about plastics and elastics from Zschopau? Or my nonsense is biological?

In this sense. Forward into the abyss of lies!

Angela Merkel: Im Internet am liebsten nackt? | InTouch

A little bedtime treat – keep dreaming …

Sincerely yours

Bernd Pulch

Magister Artium in Journalism, German Studies and Comparative Studies