Shocking Update From “Model Country Israel” By Gal Gur – The Children Are The Next in Line

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1/ Many ask – how can it be that the GP and all the coercion that followed passed in Israel so relatively quietly? And this is a question I have been asking myself for a long time as well. I think only today, as a trauma victim, am I able to look back and explain the process:63457Gal G @GalG____·

2/ The process began with prolonged and very severe intimidation and coercion that gradually broke the Israeli public’s opposition to other issues – such as repeated political elections, and a prime minister who divided the public anyway,1424Gal G @GalG____·

3/ the prolonged closure policy, lockdowns, masks everywhere outside and inside, closing education systems without proper preparation – all of these have shattered the economy and the ability of citizens to resist.1622Gal G @GalG____·

4/ we were constantly told that vaccines are the Messiah who will redeem us and we are all waiting for it, we did not believe we would get enough stock at all because we are a small country. As a country that believes in science and vaccines We waited to be saved.1621Gal G @GalG____·

5/ And the most important aspect, in my view- the law kept changing and changing democracy, powers and balances, dozens of new regulations came out every day, and notices of the new binding law were no longer posted on regular platforms –

6/ lawyers had to look for “government notices” on the telegram to keep up with the binding legal situation. It was like dazzling and rattling in training. We were HAZED. Here is a very partial list of COVID regulation.1617Gal G @GalG____·

7/ “In the name of science and public health” Doctors were persecuted and silenced publicly, workers fired, students barred from academia, parents and children separated -1918Gal G @GalG____·

8/ and there was always active incitement against those who sought to stop and examine more carefully- as ridiculous “unti-vaxxers”. Even if it was doctors with a highly esteemed reputation, or other important professionals.1919Gal G @GalG____·

9/ When the vaccination project began, a very suffocating closure began with it. And the public was told that his release depends only on the success of the project – the exit will be through the Green Pass gate alone.1519Gal G @GalG____·

10/In the background were incessant propaganda campaigns “Just one shot and that’s it” called for 16 y.o. to get vaccinated, “Pizza party and vaccinations on the beach”; “Get vaccinated and come back to life” Of course, people rushed to get vaccinated to get their life back.1718Gal G @GalG____·

11/ Those who were not intimidated by the “horror of Cubid” stories were forced by their work / education / desire to return to life. The common description among many young women was “I was raped to get vaccinated”3716Gal G @GalG____·

12/ We know today that much thought and work has been invested in “psychological influence” through Israeli experts. And we also know it’s not going anywhere, Our young children are the next vaccination project. The intimidation and threats has already begun -1616Gal G @GalG____·

13/ the intimidation concerns “variants” from England and India, and “much sicker children”; The public is told that the children are a danger to their environment.1518Gal G @GalG____·

14/ And finally, they also threaten that the GP of parents whose children will not be vaccinated will expire (it is given temporarily for six months) and that they will bring back the heavy lockdown , etc.11019Gal G @GalG____Replying to @GalG____

15/ We know that this is not going anywhere, because 2 days ago a new direction was applied- new regulations were published for public review and objections – which regulate the testing processes for COV-19 outside the emergency law that was specifically enacted for Corona.11:34 AM · May 1, 2021·Twitter for iPhone