Video shows Lukashenko’s Luxurious Lush Life – Cars, Castles, Planes, Watches, Women – Harem

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The largest investigation into the hiding places of Alexander Lukashenko – the “cleanest” President in the world. Expensive real estate, own car and air fleet, watches and even gold pens, and in the declaration – “hicks”. Inside, schemes, plans, documents, eyewitness accounts and bare facts about the luxurious life of a dictator. The NEXTA team has put together everything – both well-known and previously unpublished materials about the Lukashenka family, his wallets and clever ways of mutually beneficial cooperation with the wicked oligarchs. To be continued.
00:00 About the film
00:53 Announcement
04:29 List and types of residences
06:55 Secret government communications line
08:10 Independence Palace - Temple of Vanity
14:44 "A couple of heifers are sitting in the back seat", or a car fleet worth € 4 million
21:26 Smuggling and seizure of cars at customs
23:24 Does Europe sponsor the regime?
29:31 Blue light: who entertains the dictator and for how much?
32:01 The closest oligarch to Lukashenka
34:25 How did the 17th residence burn down?
37:28 China allocated a loan to Belarus, but not to Belarusians
40:51 Secrets of the (un) state aircraft fleet
46:15 The most popular president in the world
49:12 Little things in life: personalized gold pens and expensive clothes
54:09 Devils from the snuff box: Topuzidis, Aleksin and company
1:00:19 Special harem for Lukashenka
1:05:54 An unpleasant fact for Kolya Lukashenko
1:08:07 Where does the family live now?
1:10:34 Something from the insides: the plan of the bath and the Vostok residential complex
1:15:56 Why is everyone silent?
1:20:36 I almost forgot ...