Chechen Duce Ramzan Kadyrov’s Second Wife And The Money Game

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Chechen Duce Ramzan Kadyrov has a second spouse notwithstanding his “official” wife. While polygamy isn’t remarkable in Chechnya, it is in fact against Russian law.

Kadyrov’s subsequent spouse, Fatima Khazuyeva, who won second spot in a generally advertised 2006 excellence challenge at 14 years old, has three Moscow lofts enlisted in her name, worth about $5 million altogether.

Different ventures associated with Khazuyeva have been paid for by the Akhmat Kadyrov Public Foundation, one of Russia’s biggest magnanimous establishments, which is named after Kadyrov’s dad. These incorporate a revenue driven recovery place run by her mom’s organization, and a school and mosque named after her dad.

The estimation of Kadyrov’s two spouses’ land, in any event $8 million altogether, is more than twice his pronounced compensation since 2008.

In 2006, the public authority of the Chechen Republic coordinated a marvel challenge for a reason.

“We need Chechnya to quit being related with whiskery men holding assault rifles,” an authority clarified. “Presently the image of the nation will be a delightful young lady. We’ll show that we’re no more regrettable than different states.”

Regardless of resistance to the exhibition from the Chechen Muslim Spiritual Board, exactly 20 hopefuls moved, sang, cooked, recounted verse, discussed their devotion, admitted their adoration for their country, and said thanks to the Kadyrov family — Chechnya’s tyrant ruler Ramzan Kadyrov and his late dad, Akhmat — for their administration.

A short time later, the hopefuls ate at a rich dinner went to by Kadyrov and his gatekeepers. At the point when he discovered that one of the young ladies who had not made it to the finals was crying, he requested that she be given a precious stone encrusted gold Chopard watch. At the point when the young ladies moved a conventional lezginka, rubles and dollars flew into the air. A Kommersant columnist in participation assessed that about $30,000 was dissipated on the floor before the night’s over.

The challenge champ at last got a situation in the Chechen government and the title of “driving model” for the Firdaws design house, which has a place with the Kadyrov family. However, the 14-year-old next in line, Fatima Khazuyeva, handled a much greater prize: She is presently Ramzan Kadyrov’s subsequent spouse, OCCRP accomplice The Project has learned.

Despite the fact that polygamy is actually illicit in Russia, it’s normal in this greater part Muslim southern Russian republic. As indicated by Islamic law, a man may have four spouses in the event that he will give them equivalent consideration and backing, including giving each a different spot to live.

Kadyrov has openly supported the training. “I’m agreeable to a man having a few spouses on the off chance that he needs them, and if he’s ready to help them, to tackle the segment issue in Russia,” he has said.

He has additionally supported polygamy by reference to severe Chechen customs. “On the off chance that a young lady or a separated from lady goes out [with a man], her sibling executes both her and that man,” he said. “It’s better for a lady to be a second or third spouse than to be killed.”

Indeed, even Kadyrov’s true spouse, Medni, when said that she wouldn’t see any problems if her significant other wedded once more. Such is Muslim law, she clarified.

All things considered, Kadyrov has never openly demonstrated whether he, at the end of the day, has different spouses. At true occasions, he shows up just with Medni, with whom he has 12 organic and two embraced youngsters. On one event, data about the Chechen chief’s informal marriage spilled to the press. A nearby artist and artist, Aminat Akhmadova, was accounted for to be Kadyrov’s third spouse.

In any case, where there’s a third, there should be a second. At the point when correspondents started to dive into the matter, they discovered that Kadyrov’s union with the excellence challenge second place was broadly known in her home town of Makhkety, around 40 kilometers south of the Chechen capital of Grozny. A few inhabitants of the town affirmed the marriage.

A Chechen resistance blogger, Tumso Abdurakhmanov, told columnists he had been companions with Khazueva’s sibling. He additionally affirmed that she and Ramzan are hitched. Not long after they started their relationship, he reviews, her sibling started to get rich, redesigning from a modest Russian Lada to a Porsche Cayenne. (Abdurakhmanov later escaped the nation subsequent to being focused by Kadyrov’s partners.)

Additionally, journalists found that Kadyrov’s spending on his initial two spouses far surpasses his authority pay: The estimation of their land alone, in any event $8 million, is more than twice his complete pronounced compensation since 2008.

Khazuyeva couldn’t be gone after a remark.

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