Dutch Govt Removes Two Russians Utilizing Political Cover

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The Dutch minister of the Interior, Kajsa Ollongren, sent a letter (in Dutch) to the House of Representatives to educate the parliament about the disturbance regarding a Russian reconnaissance activity.

Two Russians utilizing a conciliatory cover to submit undercover work for the Russian common unfamiliar knowledge organization SVR have been ousted from the Netherlands. Both were certify as representative at the Russian government office in The Hague. The clergyman says the SVR insight official assembled a “generous” organization of sources (i.e., he was a case official) working in the Dutch innovative area. He sought after data about AI, semiconductors and nano innovation; information that has both common and military applications. At times the sources got paid for their participation.

The Dutch common knowledge and security administration AIVD upset the activity. On 9 December 2020, the Russian represetative to the Netherlands was called by the Dutch service of Foreign Affairs. The Russian envoy was informed that the two Russians have been assigned as Persona Non Grata (PNG), i.e., they are ousted from the Netherlands.

This case includes different organizations and one instructive foundation, whose personalities are not uncovered. The clergyman expresses that the surveillance “has likely made harm the associations where the sources are or were dynamic, and in this way to the Dutch economy and public security.”

The clergyman expresses that the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) will make a lawful move against one source based on migration law.

The clergyman additionally reports the Dutch organization will investigate conceivable outcomes to condemn the demonstration of helping out an unfamiliar insight administration. Presently, that follow up on and without help from anyone else is definitely not a culpable offense. Legitimate potential outcomes do as of now exist with respect to infringement of privacy of authentic mysteries and friends insider facts, be that as it may. For related advancements at the EU level, look at the Trade mysteries page of the European Commission.

At last, the clergyman brings up that this case shows “that dangers from unfamiliar states against the Netherlands are genuine”, and that a more extensive subsequent will happen of the parliamentary letters “Countering unfamiliar state dangers” of 18 April 2019 and “Information security in advanced education and science” of 27 November 2020.

Three side notes:

For a short look into one part of the work life of case officials (and their periodic supporting officials), see Physical Counter Surveillance – Dry Cleaning and Evading Capture (September 2019).

For (self-)assurance, see New leaflet on secret activities from the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) – informal English interpretation (May 2020).

For additional (foundation) perusing, look at the site of the U.S. Public Counterintelligence and Security Center, part of the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI); it has a ton of good preparing and understanding material.

For much further (foundation) perusing, outstandingly the part of people and helplessness/weakness to being enrolled as spies/sources, I suggest the Selected Reports page of the U.S. DOD Defense Human Resources Activity site. Furthermore, scan Google for “MICE” and “RASCLS”.

Additionally for (self-)insurance, Dutch perusers might need to educate themselves about in the index of the parliamentary letter of 18 April 2019 that the clergyman alludes to: Nederlandse aanpak tegengaan statelijke dreigingen (April 2019).

In case you’re at an association that has a requirement for knowledge into insurance against insider dangers, I suggest looking at Signpost Six. It was established by @Elsine_van_Os, who once in the past worked at the Dutch military insight and security administration MIVD.

The rest of this post is an interpretation of the fundamental body of the clergyman’s letter on the upset surveillance activity.

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As referenced in the yearly reports of the AIVD, the Netherlands is an objective of Russian insight administrations who secretly gather data that is significant to Russia, including financial and logical data.

The AIVD as of late finished activities of a Russian insight official of the common unfamiliar knowledge administration SVR. The Russian public, who was utilized at the Russian international safe haven as a licensed representative, was associated with undercover work on innovation and science. He constructed a generous organization of sources, every one of whom are or were utilized in the Dutch cutting edge area. The insight official was keen on data about, among others, man-made consciousness, semiconductors, and nano innovation. A lot of this innovation is useful both for common and military applications.

The Russian knowledge official connected with people who approach delicate data inside the innovative area, and now and again paid for that. A second Russian SVR official, additionally licensed as representative, satisfied a supporting job.

Organizations and instructive establishment have been educated

The cutting edge area in the Netherlands holds high-caliber and novel information. The undercover work has likely made harm the associations where the sources are or were dynamic, and accordingly to the Dutch economy and public security.

The wellsprings of the Russian knowledge official have been reached by the AIVD to disturb their exercises. In various cases, the AIVD has presented an official notice to the organizations and instructive foundation included with the end goal that they can take measures. In one case, an official notice was shipped off the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). The IND will take legitimate measures against one source. The AIVD is exploring whether further authority warnings can be shipped off the IND.

No remarks can be made about the characters of the sources and which organizations and instructive foundation are included.

Persona Non Grata

Because of the distinguished reconnaissance exercises, the Russian represetative has been called by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 9 December 2020, and has been informed that the insight official, just as the supporting SVR laborer, have been assigned as Persona Non Grata (PNG).

Criminalization of secret activities

Because of the expanded weakness of the Netherlands for surveillance, the Dutch organization has inspected the additional estimation of criminalization of undercover work. Criminal law as of now gives lawful potential outcomes to act against wrongdoings including infringement of classification of authentic insider facts and friends privileged insights. In any case, reconnaissance in the feeling of people secretly teaming up with an unfamiliar knowledge administration is right now not a culpable office. The organization has set up that extra criminalization is alluring and will inspect how that can been sought after, and afterward start an authoritative cycle.


This case shows, once more, that dangers from unfamiliar states against the Netherlands are genuine. We will additionally illuminate you about the more extensive methodology in development to the Parliamentary Letters “Countering unfamiliar state dangers” of 18 April 2019 and “Information security in advanced education and science” of 27 November 2020.


The AIVD is focused on bringing issues to light about undercover work hazards and, where conceivable, discloses to organizations, governments and instructive establishments how they can forestall this, both now and later on.

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