Belarusian specialists open criminal argument

The Belarusian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal body of evidence against 231 members engaged with a show that occurred in Minsk on Sunday, November 1. The Investigative Committee’s site indicated that every one of the 231 individuals are viewed as suspects for the situation, which was opened under the article on “Sorting out and planning activities that terribly disregard public request” — a criminal offense deserving of as long as three years in jail.

The spouse of one of the prisoners told the Belarusian media source that her significant other was accused of a managerial offense, however cops additionally grilled him regarding the criminal case. There are in any event three columnists among the suspects, reports the news site Belsat.

The suspects for the situation were captured during Sunday’s Dzyady March, a piece of a conventional Belarusian occasion honoring precursors, which falls toward the beginning of November. The exhibition was additionally planned to concur with Belarus’ informal recognition day for survivors of Soviet suppressions. The demonstrators accumulated close to the Park Chelyuskintsev Subway Station and walked through midtown Minsk until they arrived at the Kurapaty woods — a mass grave site on the edges of the Belarusian capital where a large number of individuals were executed during the cleanses during the Stalin time.

Evaluations on the quantity of nonconformists associated with Sunday’s walk change. Recently, the Russian state news office TASS revealed somewhere in the range of 1,500 and 2,000 individuals walking through midtown Minsk, while MBX Media assessed that “a huge number of individuals” were partaking in the parade.