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Carl Icahn

Casino Cartel / Corporate raider

Phil Ruffin

Casino Cartel

Sheldon Adelson

Casino Mogul

Roger Stoned

GOP hit-man / Casino Cartel wannabe

The connection among knowlege and control is proverbial: one must have knowlege about something so as to control it. ‘MAFIA’ DON is essential perusing for anybody, Republican or Democrat, old or millenial, trying to have a voice the political way wherein Mr. Trump will attempt to take the nation. One of Trump’s mark highlights in the political race cycle was his deriding of opponents with the utilization of overstated names like Crooked Hillary and Lyin’ Ted. Try not to botch that in the ‘MAFIA’ DON title. The book depends on undeniable reality (and contains nitty gritty and archived sections on every one of the Trump mates on this page and others too. A considerable lot of them are potential security dangers to a Trump administration. Be that as it may, the book contains unmistakably in excess of a rundown of his mafia associations. New and indispensable disclosures on other Trump-related themes include:

Trump vulnerabiity to extort and pressure

Trump’s shortcoming at rising up to Mob pressure.

Trump favored model for managing obligation

Father Fred’s horde and KKK ties in addition to how prostitution and betting kicked off the Trump domain

Horde associations with Trump gambling clubs

Trump gambling clubs’ assault of Atlantic City

N.J. Gambling club Control Commission whitewash

Mexican divider, security issues and China

‘I decided in favor of Superman and all I got was Donald J. Trump.’ The basic and not rare occasions where Trump arranging fizzled.


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True Information is the most valuable resource and we ask you to give back.