Secret FBI Private Sector Report Revealed : Indicators Of Fraudulent 3M Personal Protective Equipment

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Masking the Problem: Face Mask Scams Uncover Larger Issues

The FBI’s Minneapolis Division, in a joint effort with the Office of Private Sector (OPS), Criminal Investigative Division (CID), and 3M, arranged this LIR to make the Healthcare and Public Health Sectors mindful of pointers identified with fake deals sales of 3M Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or markers of fake 3M PPE, including N95 respirators. References in this LIR to a particular business item, procedure or administration or the utilization of any corporate name thus is for educational purposes just and doesn’t establish a support or suggestion of that item, procedure, administration or partnership for the benefit of the FBI. Since December 2019, an expanding number of organizations and buyers have been influenced by fake deals of PPE.

The FBI has gotten in any event 45 shopper objections of misrepresentation and duplicating including 3M PPE, including over $642,000 in misfortunes.

3M Recommends Only Purchasing 3M Respirators from US-based 3M Authorized Distributors

While some N95 respirators are produced by 3M abroad, 3M suggests 3M-made N95 respirators should just be bought by clients in the United States from 3M’s approved channel accomplices situated inside the United States.

Items that utilization 3M’s name and trademarks just as 3M’s National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) endorsement numbers should just be sourced straightforwardly from 3M or 3M’s approved direct accomplices in the United States.

Items that bear 3M’s NIOSH endorsement numbers [such as TC 84A-007 (see realistic 1) or TC 84A-0427 (see realistic 2)] however not 3M’s name or logos are not approved and ought to be viewed as false.