Must See Video – Carlo Marcello: The Man Behind the JFK Assassination

The One Paragraph You Need to Read from the JFK ...


Carlos Marcello The Man Behind the JFK Assassination (English edition: Enigma Books, 2013) (Italian edition: Editori Riuniti, 2013) by Stefano Vaccara.

New Orleans is the true birthplace of the Sicilian mafia in America. Carlos Marcello controlled organized crime in Louisiana and across the Southeast in the 1950s and ’60s. He was untouchable until he met the Kennedy Brothers. Once Robert Kennedy became attorney general, Marcello was deported to Guatemala and swore to seek revenge. It became a duel to the death. Marcello found his “patsy,” a former marine with a Russian wife. Lee Harvey Oswald was the perfect fall guy but he never pulled the trigger.

The author in conversation with: Joseph LaPalombara, Yale University George De Stefano, author Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò New York University February 26, 2014