Kid’s shows, Erotica And Other Odd Diversions Of History’s Most Ruthless Men – Idi Amin Loved Children’s Cartoons

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In 1971, Idi Amin overthrew the Ugandan government and installed himself as leader. During his eight-year reign, he would massacre over 400,000 civilians, often by forcing them to bludgeon one another to death with sledgehammers at the hands of his death squads. In 1979, Amin fled to Saudi Arabia, where he lived the rest of his days in exile – never facing any consequences for his crimes against humanity – before passing away in 2003.

But there was another side to Idi Amin. More than a tyrant, more than a mad man, Idi Amin was a guy who just loved slapstick comedy. He was apparently an avid fan of children’s cartoons, most specifically Tom and Jerry – you know, the one where the larger, menacing figure seeks to destroy the smaller, ostensibly defenseless one?