Kid’s shows, Erotica And Other Odd Diversions Of History’s Most Ruthless Men – Osama bin Laden Loved Beach Volleyball

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Architect of the 9/11 attacks, the worst instance of terrorism ever on American soil, Osama bin Laden knew how to let his hair down and blow off some steam after a long day at Al-Qaeda HQ.

But when the 5 o’clock whistle blew, bin Laden didn’t dash to the nearest happy hour for wings and tall boys – he hit the sand for an intense match of beach volleyball.

The 6’4″ bin Laden was a force on the court, according to his associate Mohammed Atef. Atef, the former chief of Al-Qaeda, also enjoyed the game, but the two never played on the same team, citing the fact that they were so good it was an unfair advantage over other players.