Bankruptcy Tourist Rainer von Holst hides in New Jersey – say his victims

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The notorious German Bankruptcy Tourist hides in Princeton New Jersey, USA. More than 50 companies of him were closed by British authorities because of betrayal and bankruptcy, report UK newspapers. In the aftermath of this von Holst moved to Princeton, New Jersey, USA and started his new scam “Enercrox”.

The following is an ip tracking based on von Holst’s last extortion email which contains numerous F*** words:

General IP Information

DECIMAL: 1626060762
ASN: 701
ISP: Verizon Fios
SERVICES: None detected
TYPE: Broadband

Geolocation Information

CONTINENT: North America
COUNTRY: United States us flag
CITY: Princeton
LATITUDE: 40.3756  (40° 22′ 32.16″ N)
LONGITUDE: -74.6597  (74° 39′ 34.92″ W)
Map of Princeton, NJ 08540

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