Putin, KGB, Warnig, STASI und die STASI Seilschaften in Wirtschaft/Medien wie wohl “GoMoPa”

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Nachfolgend eine vertrauliche Info eines Informanten zu den geheimen Verbindungen zwischen Putin, seinem STASI-Busenfreund Warnig alias “Arthur”, Gazprom, Northstream und STASI-Seilschaften wie wohl “GoMoPa” und deren aktuelle Agenten und IM.


The new Chairman of the Board of Directors of Russian metal giant UC Rusal is German Matthias Warnig. He was elected unanimously on October 1, although he has been in the management of the company only since June 15. This candidature was proposed by Oleg Deripaska, and this nomination has been won by the oligarch in his conflict with minority shareholders Viktor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik. The position of chairman in UC Rusal is the next in the business career of the German in Russia. Warnig is also the managing director of Nord Stream, the chairman of the board of directors in Transneft, the monopolist operator of Russian oil pipelines, he also serves in the boards of oil giant Rosneft, VTB Bank and Bank Rossiya (whose owners are close friends of Putin, notably with Yuri Kovalchuk). Warnig is also the head of Gazprom Schweiz, which imports gas from Central Asia in which function the company has replaced scandalous RosUkrEnergo. The main task of Warnig in UC Rusal will be to mediate in shareholders’ conflict and inform Putin about the situation in the strategic company.

Who is Matthias Warnig? The German newspapers “Stern” and “Focus” and also “The Wall Street Journal” reported that he had been an intelligence operative for the East Germany’s Ministry for State Security. The former Stasi man was employed in – to use his own words – “industrial espionage.” He was also active in Dresden in 1989. Then he met young KGB officer Vladimir Putin.

According to his declassified Stasi file, Warnig had codename “Arthur” and he began working for the GDR Ministry for State Security in 1974. Warnig was a member of the Stasi Felix Dzherzhinsky brigade and attended its intelligence school. He rapidly rose in the ranks of intelligence and was awarded a number of medals for his services. The file shows that on October 7, 1989 Warnig was awarded 9 gold medals by Erich Fritz Emil Mielke, the head of Stasi. By this time his rank was that of Captain. What did he do to deserve so many decorations? The files list a number of targets “Arthur” was assigned to spy upon. The report he submitted in May, 1987 contains documents about the energy business in West Germany. In other report dated December, 1987 he analyses the policies of business management in the West. The others targets were biotech research in the West, computer technology and many other reports mainly dealing with industrial espionage.

The most important point in Warnig’s career, however, was a meeting with KGB Lieutenant-Colonel Vladimir Putin in Dresden. According to German press reports, the two men were allegedly collaborating on recruiting West German citizens to work for the KGB, according to Warnig’s former colleagues. Warnig has denied this allegation.

Close relationship with Putin has proved to be the key for future career of the German officer. Warnig eventually became the head of the Russian division of Dresdner Bank. After that, the Moscow office of Dresdner Bank enjoyed a lucrative contract with Gazprom and Rosneft. In 2004-05, the bank played important role in destroying Khodorkovsky’s business empire. Dresdner Bank advised on the Rosneft-Yukos “merger”. It also lent Rosneft money to secure its stake in the Siberian production arm of Yukos –Yuganskneftegaz – reported “The Independent” on January 1, 2005. Nowadays Warnig serves as a Northstream high rank office, a Gazprom VIP. There are hidden links to the infamous STASI network of Gomopa as well as to it’s suspected agents in media and finance industry.