Clip concerning Hoover seeking a psychiatrist regarding his sexuality. Anthony Summers comments. Later comments on several people who had seen the Hoover photograph,

Joseph Shimon of the Washington Police comments on ‘sexparties with no girls’.

Lansky had obtained photographs of Hoover in a ‘compromising’ position.

Gordon Novel claims to have seen the photograph, and also claims Carlos Marcello had seen it, and in fact used it to control Hoover.

Peter Pitchess,former FBI agent comments on the non existant mafia. Also does former FBI agent Neil Welch and William Turner.

Clip with Robert Kennedy and a statement regarding the mafia. More on his take at the mafia in a clip with their take on Hoffa. Comments by Robert Blakey.

Clip from questioning of mob-informant Joe Valacci. Robert Kennedy took upon the mafia when Hoover had refused to even acknowledge its existence.

From ‘Evidence of Revision’ – Conspiratus Ubiquitus