Uncensored – Hitler’s Henchmen – Diplomat of Evil Joachim von Ribbentrop

“Hitler’s Henchmen” is a six-part series that portrays the men who aided Adolf Hitler in his rise to power and serviced the infernal machinery of the Third Reich. The Nuremberg Trials play an important role here: in a historical first, the International War Crimes Tribunal passed judgment on leading Nazi paladins for their unparalleled atrocities while exposing to the world the infamy of the Hitler regime and its leaders. ZDF uses newly discovered archive material and interviews with surviving family members and Nazi insiders to draw historical psychograms of Hitler’s closest aides. Conceived as a sequel to our six-part series “Hitler,” “Hitler’s Henchmen” offers in-depth personal and political profiles of six men who became architects of the destruction of Europe. Portraits of the men who carried out Hitler’s plans: ZDF’s sequel about the men who consolidated Hitler’s reign and turned his plans into action. They wove the complicities and plots without which Hitler could have never perpetrated the crime of the century. They helped to sway the judges and the bureaucrats, the armed forces and the police, the scientists and the industrialists, the students and their teachers to the regime’s ways of thinking. What kind of people were they? What inspired them to serve a corrupt administration with such enthusiasm and devotion? How did their careers unfold and their fates end? The series answers these and other questions by examining six of Hitler’s cohorts. The portraits of these aides-de-camp provide viewers with a revealing psychogram of “Hitler’s willing executors.” The films present for the first time newly discovered film clips and sound recordings from international archives. Recent revelations provided by historical research and interviews with former coworkers, relatives, and victims are also shown.
Hitler’s Henchmen 1 Episodes:
1. The Propagandist/Firebrand – Joseph Goebbels – German with English Subtitles
2. The Marshall – Hermann Goering – German with English Subtitles
3. The Deputy – Rudolf Hess – German with English Subtitles
4. The Executioner – Heinrich Himmler – German with English Subtitles
5. The Admiral – Karl Doenitz – German with English Subtitles
6. The Architect – Albert Speer – German with English Subtitles
Hitler’s Henchmen II Episodes:
1. Bureaucrat of Murder – Adolf Eichmann – German with English Subtitles
2. The Secretary – Martin Bormann – German with English Subtitles
3. The Corruptor of Youth – Baldur von Schirach – German with English Subtitles
4. Diplomat of Evil – Joachim von Ribbentrop – German with English Subtitles
5. Doctor of Death – Josef Mengele – German and English with Swedish Subtitles
6. Arbitrator over Death and Life – Roland Freisler – German with English Subtitles