New Lies from Stasi-Member Spoehring alias Klaus Maurischat alias Siegfried Siewert

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Dear Readers,

we herewith unveil a new member of the StasiPlot- lawyer “RA Spoehring”, a former member of the Communist “Kampfeinheiten” from Dresden is spreading false rumours.

We have unveiled a corruption scandal in Frankfurt. The material came from the Turkish broker Gürcan Özkan.

Özkan tried to blackmail Mr Ardi Goldman with this material.

We did not support this

All the documents about this have already been published in IMMOBILIEN VERTRAULICH and can be publsihed again immemdiately to prove our honesty against weird Stasi-liars.

This again shows that the last articles shocked the old Stasi-network totally.

Furthermore:  Our team has clairfied that this dubious “lawyer” from Dresden is indeed the same person who acted as “Maurischat” or Siegfried Siewert” on behalf on GoMoPa.

Sincerely yours

Magister Bernd Pulch