Revealed – NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update – *2,694 Pages

Revealed – NSA Snowden Releases Tally Update – *2,694 Pages
8 December 2014

4 December 2014. Add 63 pages to The Intercept. Tally now *2,627 pages of The Guardian first reported 58,000 files; caveat: Janine Gibson, The Guardian NY, said on 30 January 2014 “much more than 58,000 files in first part, two more parts” (no numbers) (tally now less than ~4.3%). DoD claims 1,700,000 files (~.015% of that released). ACLU lists 525 pages released by the press. However, if as The Washington Post reported, a minimum of 250,000 pages are in the Snowden files, then less than 1% have been released. Note Greenwald claim on 13 September 2014 of having “hundreds of thousands” of documents.

25 November 2014. Add 72 pages to Süddeutsche Zeitung.

17 November 2014, charts by Cryptome:


6 November 2014. At current rate of release it will take 31 to 908 years for full disclosure.

10 October 2014. Add 69 pages to The Intercept.

17 September 2014. Add 2 pages to The Intercept.

14 September 2014. Add 68 pages to Der Spiegel.

13 September 2014. In video Glenn Greenwald claims to have “hundreds of thousands” of documents (at 9:06 min)

Audio excerpt:

5 September 2014. Add 32 pages to The Intercept. Tally now *2,293 pages of The Guardian first reported 58,000 files; caveat: Janine Gibson, The Guardian NY, said on 30 January 2014 “much more than 58,000 files in first part, two more parts” (no numbers) (tally now less than ~3.5%). DoD claims 1,700,000 files (~.012% of that released). ACLU lists 525 pages released by the press. However, if as The Washington Post reported, a minimum of 250,000 pages are in the Snowden files, then less than 1% have been released.

31 August 2014. Add 34 pages to Der Spiegel.

25 August 2014. Add 55 pages to The Intercept.

16 August 2014. Add 26 pages to Heise.

12 August 2014. Add 6 pages to The Intercept.

5 August 2014. Add 12 pages to The Intercept.

4 August 2014. Add 23 pages to The Intercept.

25 July 2014. Add 4 pages to The Intercept.

14 July 2014. Add 8 pages to The Intercept.

14 July 2014. “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Cryptome has sent a demand for accounting and public release specifics to holders of the Snowden documents: New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Barton Gellman, Laura Poitrias, Glenn Greenwald, ACLU, EFF and John and Jane Does, US Citizens:

11 July 2014. See related essay, Open the Snowden Files, Krystian Woznicki, 11July 2014:


11 July 2014. @PaulMD notes this claim in the Washington Post, 11 July 2014:

We did not have an official NSA list of targets. We had to find them in the pile ourselves. Soltani, an independent researcher, did most of the heavy lifting on that. Because the information was not laid out in rows and columns, the way it might be in a spreadsheet, Soltani wrote computer code to extract what we were looking for from something like a quarter-million pages of unstructured text.

If a minimum of 250,000 pages are in the Snowden files, then less than 1% have been released.

9 July 2014. Add 8 pages to The Intercept.

9 July 2014. Add 1 page to Washington Post.

23 June 2014. Add 9 pages to Der Spiegel.

22 June 2014. Add 41 pages to Information-The Intercept.

Revised. This is included in entry above. 18 June 2014. Add 20 pages to The Intercept.

18 June 2014. Add 200 pages to Der Spiegel.

16 June 2014. Add 4 pages to Der Spiegel.

1 June 2014. Add 4 pages to New York Times.

23 May 2014. Cryptome placed online No Place to Hide, 310 pages, to compensate for failure to release Snowden documents: (27MB)

19 May 2014. The Intercept released 12 pages.

13 May 2014. Glenn Greenwald released 107 pages, some new, some previously published, some full pages, some page fragments.

5 May 2014. Related tally of redactions of Snowden releases:

30 April 2014. Add 19 pages to The Intercept.

30 April 2014. Add 2 pages to Dagbladet belatedly.

5 April 2014. Add 21 pages to The Intercept.

4 April 2014. ACLU offers NSA documents search:


If more lists please send: cryptome[at]

2 April 2014.

29 March 2014. Add 1 page to Der Spiegel.

22 March 2014. Add 3 pages to Der Spiegel.

22 March 2014. Add 2 pages to New York Times.

21 March 2014. Add 7 pages to Le Monde.

20 March 2014. Add 6 pages to The Intercept.

18 March 2014. Add 4 pages to Washington Post.

13 March 2014. Add 1 page to The Intercept.

12 March 2014. Add 35 pages to The Intercept.

12 March 2014. Add 62 pages to New York Times. Add 2 pages to NRC Handelsblad.

7 March 2014. Add 8 pages to The Intercept.

27 February 2014. Add 3 pages to Guardian.

25 February 2014. Add 11 pages to NBC News.

24 February 2014. Add 4 pages to The Intercept.

24 February 2014. Add *50 pages to The Intercept (7 pages are duplicates of GCHQ Psychology).

18 February 2014. Add *45 pages to The Intercept (37 pages are duplicates of release by NBC News).

Note: Between 10-17 February 2014, The Intercept disclosed fragments of Snowden pages and the New York Times referenced some but as far as known did not release them in full. If available please send link.

10 February 2014. Add 1 page to NRC Handelsblad (via

7 February 2014. Add 15 pages NBC News.

5 February 2014. Add 14 pages NBC News.

31 January 2014. Add 27 pages to CBC News.

27 January 2014. Add 47 pages to NBC News.

27 January 2014. Add 18 pages to Anonymous via New York Times.

16 January 2014. Add 8 pages to The Guardian.

* 14 January 2014. Add 21 pages to (duplicate).

* 13 January 2014. Add 4 pages to (duplicate).

Related Snowden Document and Page Count Assessment:

* 5 January 2014. Add 16 pages to Der Spiegel (30 December 2013. No source given for NSA docs). Tally now *962 pages (~1.7%) of reported 58,000. NSA head claims 200,000 (~.50% of that released).

4 January 2014. The source was not identified for *133  pages published by Der Spiegel and Jacob Appelbaum in late December 2013. They are included here but have not been confirmed as provided by Edward Snowden. Thanks to post by Techdirt.

Glenn Greenwald tweeted:

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald, 8:05 AM – 29 Dec 13@Cryptomeorg @ioerror I had no involvement in that Spiegel article, ask them – and they don’t say those are Snowden docs.

Matt Blaze tweeted, 11:24 AM – 2 Jan 14

matt blaze @mattblazeIf there are other sources besides Snowden, I hope journalists getting docs are careful to authenticate them (& disclose uncertainty).

3 January 2014. Add 13 pages to Washington Post.

3 January 2014. See also EFF, ACLU and LeakSource accounts:

2 January 2014. Add 1 page to Washington Post published 10 July 2013.

* 31 December 2013. Add 16 pages to Der Spiegel.

* 30 December 2013. Add 50 pages of NSA ANT Catalog by Jacob Appelbaum (no source given for NSA docs).

* 30 December 2013. Add 21 pages from 30C3 video by Jacob Appelbaum (no source given for NSA docs).

* 30 December 2013. Add 42 pages (8 duplicates) to Der Spiegel (no source given for NSA docs).

* 29 December 2013. Add 4 pages to Der Spiegel (no source given for NSA docs).

24 December 2013. Add 2 pages to Washington Post.

23 December 2013

We’ve yet to see the full impact of former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden’s unauthorized downloading of highly classified intelligence documents.

Among the roughly 1.7 million documents he walked away with — the vast majority of which have not been made public — are highly sensitive, specific intelligence reports, as well as current and historic requirements the White House has given the agency to guide its collection activities, according to a senior government official with knowledge of the situation.

The latter category involves about 2,000 unique taskings that can run to 20 pages each and give reasons for selective targeting to NSA collectors and analysts. These orders alone may run 31,500 pages.

13 December 2013. Add 26 pages to Trojkan (SVT). Tally now 797 pages (~1.4%) of reported 58,000. NSA head claims 200,000 (~.40% of that released). Australia press reports “up to 20,000 Aussie files.”

Rate of release over 6 months, 132.8 pages per month, equals 436 months to release 58,000, or 36.3 years. Thus the period of release has decreased in the past month from 42 years.

12 December 2013. Belatedly add 27 pages to Guardian and 18 pages to Washington Post.

21 November 2013. See also EFF and ACLU accounts:

3 November 2013

47 42 Years to Release Snowden Documents

Out of reported 50,000 pages (or files, not clear which), about 446 514 pages (>1% 1%) have been released over 5 months beginning June 5, 2012. At this rate, 89 100 pages per month, it will take 47 42 years for full release. Snowden will be 77 72 years old, his reporters hoarding secrets all dead.

NY Times, 3 November 2013:

Whatever reforms may come, Bobby R. Inman, who weathered his own turbulent period as N.S.A. director from 1977 to 1981, offers his hyper-secret former agency a radical suggestion for right now. “My advice would be to take everything you think Snowden has and get it out yourself,” he said. “It would certainly be a shock to the agency. But bad news doesn’t get better with age. The sooner they get it out and put it behind them, the faster they can begin to rebuild.”

Timeline of releases:

[See tabulation below for full timeline.]

5 October 2013

26 Years to Release Snowden Docs by The Guardian

Out of reported 15,000 pages, The Guardian has published 192 pages in fourteen releases over four months, an average of 48 pages per month, or 1.28% of the total. At this rate it will take 26 years for full release.

Edward Snowden will be 56 years old.
Glenn Greenwald will be 72.
Laura Poitras will be 75.
Alan Rusbridger will be 86.
Barton Gellman will be 78.
Julian Assange will be 68.
Chelsea Manning will be 52.
Keith Alexander will be 88.
Barack Obama will be 78.
Daniel Ellsberg will be 108.
This author will be 103.

Number Date Title Pages

The Guardian 276
27 February 2014 GCHQ Optic Nerve 3
21 16 January 2014 SMS Text Messages Exploit 8
20 9 December 2013 Spying on Games 2
18 18 November 2013 DSD-3G 6
19 1 November 2013 PRISM, SSO
SSO1 Slide
SSO2 Slide
18 4 October 2013 Types of IAT Tor 9
17 4 October 2013 Egotistical Giraffe 20*
16 4 October 2013 Tor Stinks 23
15 11 September 2013 NSA-Israel Spy 5
14 5 September 2013 BULLRUN 6*
13 5 September 2013 SIGINT Enabling 3*
12 5 September 2013 NSA classification guide 3
11 31 July 2013 XKeyscore 32
10 27 June 2013 DoJ Memo on NSA 16
9 27 June 2013 Stellar Wind 51
8 21 June 2013 FISA Certification 25
7 20 June 2013 Minimization Exhibit A 9
6 20 June 2013 Minimization Exhibit B 9
5 16 June 2013 GCHQ G-20 Spying 4
4 8 June 2013 Boundless Informant FAQ 3
3 8 June 2013 Boundless Informant Slides 4
2 7 June 2013 PPD-20 18
1 5 June 2013 Verizon 4

Washington Post 297
9 July 2014 NSA Emails 1
18 March 2014 NSA SCALAWAG 2
18 March 2014 NSA MYSTIC 2
2 January 2014 Quantum Computer 2 10
2 January 2014 Quantum Computer 3
23 December 2013 NSA/CSS Mission 2
11 December 2013 Excessive Collection 9
11 December 2013 SCISSORS 2 7
11 December 2013 SCISSORS 1 4
11 December 2013 Yahoo-Google Exploit 6
11 December 2013 Cable Spying Types 7
11 December 2013 WINDSTOP 1
11 December 2013 Co-Traveler 24
11 December 2013 GSM Tracking 2
11 December 2013 SIGINT Successes 4
11 December 2013 GHOSTMACHINE 4
5 December 2013 Target Location 1
4 December 2013 FASCIA 2
4 December 2013 CHALKFUN 1
26 November 2013 Microsoft a Target? 4
4 November 2013 WINDSTOP, SSO, Yahoo-Google 14
30 October 2013 MUSCULAR-INCENSOR Google and Yahoo 4
14 October 2013 SSO Overview 4
14 October 2013 SSO Slides 7
14 October 2013 SSO Content Slides 9
4 October 2013 Tor 49
4 October 2013 EgotisticalGiraffe 20*
4 October 2013 GCHQ MULLENIZE 2
4 October 2013 Roger Dingledine 2
30 August 2013 Budget 17
10 July 2013 PRISM Slide 1
29 June 2013 PRISM 8
20 June 2013 Warrantless Surveillance 25*
7 June 2013 PPD-20 18*
6 June 2013 PRISM 1

Der Spiegel * 413
14 September 2014 GCHQ STELLAR 26
14 September 2014 NSA Treasure Map 38
14 September 2014 NSA Treasure Map New 4
31 August 2014 NSA GCHQ Spy Turkey 34
23 June 2014 NSA German SIGADs 9
18 June 2014 NSA German Spying-2 200
16 June 2014 NSA German Spying 4
29 March 2014 NSA Spy Chiefs of State 1
31 December 2013 QFIRE * 16
30 December 2013 TAO Introduction * 16
30 Deceber 2013 QUANTUM Tasking (8 duplicates of QUANTUMTHEORY) 28*
30 December 2013 QUANTUMTHEORY 14
29 December 2013 TAO ANT COTTONMOUTH (images)
(DE article)
29 October 2013 NSA-CIA SCS 3
27 October 2013 NSA-CIA SCS 2
20 October 2013 Mexico President 1
20 September 2013 Belgacom 3
16 September 2013 SWIFT 3
9 September 2013 Smartphones 5
1 September 2013 French Foreign Ministry 0
31 August 2013 Al Jazeera 0

O Globo Fantastico ~87
7 October 2013 CSE Brazil Ministry 7
8 September 2013 Petrobas ~60
3 September 2013 Brazil and Mexico 20

New York Times 124
1 June 2014 NSA Identity Spying 4
22 March 2014 NSA Huawei SHOTGIANT 2
12 March 2014 NSA Stellarwind Classification
NSA FISA FAA Classification
AG Dissemination
NSA Cryptanalyist FISA Database
NSA Spying Timeline
9 December 2013 Spying on Games 82*
23 November 2013 SIGINT Strategy 2012-2016 5
3 November 2013 SIGINT Mission 2013SIGINT Mission 2017 22
28 September 2013 Contact Chaining Social Networks 1
28 September 2013 SYANPSE 1
5 September 2013 BULLRUN 4*
5 September 2013 SIGINT Enabling 3*

ProPublica 89
9 December 2013 Spying on Games 82*
5 September 2013 BULLRUN 4*
5 September 2103 SIGINT Enabling 3*

Le Monde 20
21 March 2014 CSE SNOWGLOBE 7
25 October 2013 NSA Hosts FR Spies 4
22 October 2013 Wanadoo-Alcatel 1
22 October 2013 Close Access Sigads 2
22 October 2013 Boundless Informant 2
22 October 2013 PRISM 11

Dagbladet 15
April 2014
December 2013
Norway Assistance 2
19 November 2013 BOUNDLESSINFORMANT 13

NRC Handelsblad 7
12 March 2014 NSA Aids Dutch Anti-Piracy 2
8 February 2014 MIVD BoundlessInformant
Cryptome mirror
30 November 2013 Dutch SIGINT 3
23 November 2013 SIGINT Cryptologic Platform 1

Huffington Post 3
27 November 2013 Muslim Porn Viewing 3

CBC 36
30 January 2014 CESC IP Profiling 27
10 December 2013 NSA-CSEC Partnership 1
10 December 2013 G8-G20 Spying 4*
2 December 2013 G8-G20 Spying 3
29 November 2013 G8-G20 Spying 1

The Globe and Mail 18
30 November 2013 CSEC Brazil Spying 18*

SVT (Swedish TV) 2
5 December 2013 Sweden Spied Russia for NSA 2

L’Espresso 3
6 December 2013 NSA Spies Italy 3

Trojkan (SVT) 29
11 December 2013 NSA Sweden FRA Relationship 1*
11 December 2013 NSA 5 Eyes Partners 1
11 December 2013 NSA Sweden FRA Agenda 8
11 December 2013 NSA Sweden FRA RU Baltic 1
11 December 2013 NSA GCHQ Sweden FRA COMINT 1
11 December 2013 NSA Sweden FRA  XKeyscore Plan 5
11 December 2013 NSA Sweden FRA XKeyscore Sources 1
11 December 2013 NSA Sweden FRA XKeyscore Tor et al 3
11 December 2013 NSA Sweden FRA XKeyscore Slide 1
11 December 2013 NSA Sweden FRA Quantum 1 1
11 December 2013 GCHQ Sweden FRA Quantum 1
11 December 2013 NSA Sweden FRA Quantum Accomplishments 2
9 December 2013 NSA and Sweden Pact 3*

Jacob Appelbaum * 71
30 December 2013 NSA Catalog * 50
30 December 2013 NSA Catalog Video Clips * 21 63*
19 June 2014 NSA Partners 41*
14 January 2014 SSO (duplicate) 7*
14 January 2014 PRISM (duplicate) 11*
13 January 2014 5-Eyes Spy G8-G20 (duplicate) 4*

New York Times
27 January 2014 NSA Smartphones Analysis 14
27 January 2014 GCHQ Mobile Theme 4

NBC News 87
25 February 2014 GCHQ Cyber Effects 11
7 February 2014 GCHQ Cyber Attack 15
5 February 2014 GCHQ Anonymous 14
27 January 2014 GCHQ Squeaky Dolphin 47

The Intercept 522*
4 December 2014 NSA AURORA GOLD et al 63
10 October 2014 10 NSA Releases
Computer Network Exploitation Declass
National Initiative Task Security 2
National Initiative Task Security 1
Exceptionally Controlled Info Compartments
Exceptionally Controlled Info Pawleys
Exceptionally Controlled Information
Sentry Eagle 2
Sentry Eagle 1
Tarex Classification Guide
Whipgenie Classification Guide
17 September 2014 NSA Visit by NZ Spy 2
5 September 2014 Masterspy Quadrennial Report 2009 32
25 August 2014 NSA ICREACH 55
12 August 2014 GCHQ Covert Mobile Phones Policy 6
5 August 2014 NCTC Terrorist Identifies 12
4 August 2014 US-NSA Pays Israel $500,000 2
4 August 2014 NSA-Israel Spying Pact 2013 3
4 August 2014 Israel-US Spying Pact 1999 16
25 July 2014 NSA Saudi Arabia 4
14 July 2014 NSA JTRIG Tools-Techniques 8
9 July 2014 NSA FISA Accounts 8
19 June 2014 NSA Partners 41*
19 May 2014 12 Various Pages 12
NSA Visit by GCHQ Lobban
PRISM with Olympics
4 April 2014 GCHQ Full Spectrum Cyber
NSA 5-Eyes SIGDEV Conference
20 March 2014 NSA Hunt Sysadmins 6
13 March 2014 NSA Third Party 1
12 March 2014 NSA HammerchantNSA UK on Mikey and Ibake

NSA Turbine and Turmoil

NSA Thousands of Implants

NSA More Than One Way

NSA GCHQ Quantumtheory

NSA Selector Types

NSA Quantum Insert

NSA Analysis of Converged Data

NSA Phishing and MTM Attacks

NSA Menwith Hill xKeyscore

NSA Industry Exploit

NSA 5 Eyes Hacking













7 March 2014 NSA Ask Zelda 8
24 February 2014 GCHQ Disruption 4
24 February 2014 GCHQ Online Deception
(7 pages duplicates of GCHQ Psychology)
18 February 2014 GCHQ Psychology37 Duplicates of NBC News *44
18 February 2014 NSA-GCHQ Discovery 1
Glenn Greenwald
13 May 2014 A variety of documents 107
Cryptome 310
23 May 2014 No Place to Hide (27MB) 310
Heise 26
16 August 2014 NSA GCHQ CSEC HACIENDA 26
Süddeutsche Zeitung 7
25 November 2014 Vodafone GCHQ Cables List and Slides 72


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Cryptome – Snowden Shills for US Spies

Cryptome –  Snowden Shills for US Spies
From: William A Blunden <blunden[at]>
To: “jya[at]” <jya[at]>
Subject: Snowden Shills for U.S. Intelligence
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2014 14:06:26 +0000From a recent Tech Crunch article covering a Snowden interview at the New Yorker Festival:

“We can have secret programs. You know, the American people don’t have to know the name of every individual that’s under investigation. We don’t need to know the technical details of absolutely every program in the intelligence community.”

That’s it, he’s shown his hand.

He doesn’t question whether covert organizations like the CIA are compatible with democratic government. This guy is no Philip Agee or John Stockwell. He’s still keeping some of his tribal loyalties.



Joseph Cox – Why All the Snowden Docs Should Be Public: An Interview with Cryptome

Joseph Cox – Why All the Snowden Docs Should Be Public: An Interview with Cryptome

Ever since the phrase “Information wants to be free” was first uttered in the early 80s, activists have campaigned for technology to act as a vehicle for knowledge. We’ve since seen the advent of the internet, the proliferation of personal computers, and the rise of whistleblowing sites.

Before Snowden and Wikileaks grabbed the headlines, there was Cryptome. Launched in 1996, the website, or “digital library,” as its owners John Young and Deborah Natsios describe it, is a tome of classified documents. Including everything from lists of MI6 agents to details on nuclear technology, the archive currently stands at over 71,600 files, spanning nearly two decades of disclosures.

Among those is all the available information on the Snowden files, and the duo behind the venture are adamant that the entirety of the leaked NSA documents should be dumped online, rather than strategically trickled out by journalists. Cryptome has even made vague hints that the Snowden documents may be released in full this month.

I phoned up Young and Natsios to ask how they felt the freedom of information movement has changed, for better or worse, over the past two decades.

When Cryptome was launched as a bare-bones website and started to host an assortment of documents for anyone to sift through, there weren’t many ways to get information out onto the internet. “We happened to have the technology to turn paper documents into a digital form,” Young told me. “A lot of other people didn’t yet have that technology: scanners, formatters.”

They offered this service to the cypherpunks list, an email chain linking some of the biggest movers and shakers in cryptography. Julian Assange was an avid reader, and years later the first vestiges of Bitcoin would be posted among its members.

Young and Natsios are both licensed architects in New York. They said they thought it was ironic that Cryptome is considered an underground project, because “our work does increasingly take us to underground sites, in fact.” These might be a subway system expansion, or vaults beneath sidewalks. Young and Natsios quite literally expose what is lying underneath the city.

Below the glitz of Times Square and hubbub of Manhattan, there’s a different world that directly influences the surface. One of their jobs involves making sure that these hidden spaces are functioning correctly. “Because we’re called into urban infrastructures in moments of crisis and disrepair, you could say we’re involved in ‘radical’ cultures of repair,” Natsios said.

While their architectural work is keeping the city in a good state of repair, their freedom of information work (i.e. publishing classified documents) ​​does the same for the public domain, also in a “radical” way. “We are required by state laws as architects to police issues of public health, safety and welfare. This is in the name of the public good. From Cryptome’s perspective, we are obliged as architects to police the police, if you will. We are obliged to dissent, as required for the public good,” she said.

We are required by state laws as architects to police issues of public health, safety and welfare.

Of course, a counter analogy could suggest that the whirring of pipes underneath the surface needs to be closed off to avoid being tampered with by those with a malicious intent, that having them publicly accessible could put the city in danger, just as having government secrets available on the internet could pose its own risks.

Ten years after Cryptome first started, Wikileaks arrived. Wikileaks has been responsible for some of the most shattering disclosures in recent history, such as the Iraq war logs or the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and although both outlets act in fairly similar ways, Wikileaks differed in one key aspect.

“The critical thing [Wikileaks] brought to it, which we’ve never done, is that they used publicity and advertising, and sought press coverage,” Young said. “They ran a press operation with press releases. They went into a high profile operation.”

You might think that would be beneficial to freedom of information, encouraging more public engagement, but Natsios disagrees. “[Wikileaks] brought some troubling methodologies into the frame, that is the embracing of a kind of public relations sensationalism at each and every turn,” she said. The public, in her eyes, “are less educated, they’re not embracing the nuances of issues and are becoming passive themselves. They are passively consuming sensational tidbits, and the public good isn’t served by that kind of consumer behaviour.” Instead of taking Wikileaks’ material and dealing with it in a productive manner, she said, people are waiting “for the ever greater adrenaline jolt of the next sensational terabyte of leaks released.”

Cryptome has a similar stance on the handling of the Snowden documents. “Mr. Snowden, please send your 41 PRISM slides and other information to less easily cowed and overly coddled commercial outlets than Washington Post and Guardian,” the couple wrote on the site in June 2013.


When asked what they would do if Cryptome had access to the Snowden documents, Young told Gawker, “We would have dumped it, the whole thing. Everyone else likes to play this game: ‘What if we harm somebody’ or all this kind of crap. Which is strictly cowardice. Of course the companies who run the outlets, their lawyers won’t let them do this kind of thing, so if you’ve got money invested in your operation you won’t take these kind of risks.”

The Intercept recently decided not to disclose the name of one country that the Snowden documents reported had 100 percent of its phone traffic recorded. It justified its decision because of “specific, credible concerns that doing so could lead to increased violence,” according to the article. Wikileaks, however, later revealed the country to be Afghanistan.

In order to avoid pressures to suppress details, Young and Natsios are reluctant for Cryptome to be considered in any way an institution. “We find that increasingly because of legal and financial pressures, institutionalized freedom of information groups become quite inflexible, not agile, not tactical enough,” said Natsios.

“We prefer being independent agents: We prefer that agility, we prefer that daily lack of master-plan agitation, and not being limited by the annual report obligations upon freedom of information non-profits; we have no annual report.” This is perhaps why Cryptome releases more controversial files than other groups, such as graphic photos of the Iraq war.

Cryptome basically thinks that the more information released, the greater the benefit for an informed public. “The Snowden team has been flunked out of not releasing this stuff by saying it will harm the nation, and I think we’re about to see something more harmful to the nation if they don’t release,” said Young.

He suggested, for instance, that more details might help people resist NSA surveillance. “The internet has been completely compromised, so it is not a good place for freedom of information,” he said. “It has been turned on the public, and Snowden has revealed some of that, but only two percent of it. He’s not revealed any of the means we need to counter that takeover.”

“We think the entire thing should be released, in order that more people can work on the counter-surveillance side,” he continued. “Now there are people working on this, on how to take it back, but I think that they can’t take it back without the rest of Snowden’s material because they don’t know the depth of control [being carried out by intelligence agencies].”

The way that information is distributed has changed dramatically since Cryptome’s inception. From the cypherpunks to Wikileaks, and now journalism in a post-Snowden world, the public has undoubtedly become more informed about what its government is doing. But with more information available than ever before, Cryptome would argue, we still need to know more.

Der Putin/KGB/STASI-GoMoPa-Witz des Tages: “Snowden, erzählen Sie uns ALLES über die schreckliche Überwachung!”

Der Putin/KGB/STASI-GoMoPa-Witz des Tages: “Snowden, erzählen Sie uns ALLES über die schreckliche Überwachung!”
“Es gibt kein Verbrechen, keinen Kniff, keinen Trick,
keinen Schwindel, kein Laster, das nicht von Geheimhaltung lebt.
Bringt diese Heimlichkeiten ans Tageslicht, beschreibt sie,
attacktiert sie, macht sie vor allen Augen lächerlich.
Und früher oder später wird die öffentliche Meinung sie hinwegfegen.
Bekannt machen allein genügt vielleicht nicht –
aber es ist das einzige Mittel, ohne das alle anderen Versagen…”
Joseph Pulitzer(1847-1911)