Belarus – $1 Billion Worth Of Land to Serbian Karić Family

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Proteste in Belarus: Lukaschenko schließt Grenzen zur EU -

Dictator Belarusian President Aleksander Lukashenko has given about $1 billion worth of stand out property in Minsk to development organizations connected to the Karić family.

Their holding organization, Dana Holdings, was authorized by the EU for supporting and profiting by the Lukashenko system.

Days before EU sanctions against Dana Holdings were reported, it was supplanted as the proprietor of different Karić family development firms by a United Arab Emirates organization, permitting them to keep working together in Europe.

The UAE organization, Enterprise Developments Holding Limited, is possessed by a man with a name like a chief overseer of Dana Holdings.

Dragomir Karić, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, and Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić in Minsk in 2015.

At the point when the Minsk City Council declared the victor of a design rivalry in 2008, the arrangement for the cutting edge project was eager. Glass towers curved like wine tools, wrapping a 300-meter high rise, while Venice-style gondolas traveled a waterway between private squares.

Dedicated the Minsk Lighthouse, the triumphant plan guaranteed authoritative and social structures, just as a “green zone” and Europe’s biggest water park. In any case, everything to show for the visionary task today are skyscraper cinderblock high rises that mix in with a large part of the Belarusian capital.

The victor of the contest, Zomex Investment, was claimed by a group of Serbian financial specialists with close connections to Belarus’ strongman president, Alexander Lukashenko. Zomex got tremendous tax reductions and state assets to help the development, and was allowed free land in the focal point of the city through an official announcement.

Various activities by Zomex and two partnered organizations — Dana Astra and Belinte Robe — have followed a similar example: huge guarantees and liberal government support for goal-oriented plans that won’t ever emerge. Regardless of the organizations’ rehashed disappointments to follow through on dispatched projects, they continue to get contracts.

At the point when columnists broke down land vault records, they found that Zomex (which as of late changed its name to Emirates Blue Sky), Dana Astra, and Belinte Robes as of now have in any event 11 development projects around Minsk. The three organizations are the biggest designers around there, and have together been given more than 400 hectares of land, esteemed at about US$1 billion.

Columnists likewise found that the proprietor of those organizations played out a cryptic corporate move that permitted him to keep benefitting from darling arrangements with Lukashenko’s organization, while evading sanctions forced by the European Union.

Until toward the end of last year, every one of the three firms were possessed by Dana Holdings. That organization is enlisted in Cyprus and up to this point was claimed by Nebojsa Karić, an individual from a well off and compelling Serbian family that has broad business interests in Belarus.

In December 2020, the European Union boycotted Dana Holdings for “profiting by and supporting” the Lukashenko system, which has drawn global fury for ruthless crackdowns on quiet dissidents dismissing a manipulated vote and requesting reasonable decisions.

The Karić family may have expected the EU’s turn. Only days before the authorizations were declared, Dana Holdings was taken out as the proprietor of the three property advancement firms and supplanted by an organization enrolled in the United Arab Emirates called Enterprise Developments Holding Limited.

The chief and proprietor of Enterprise Developments is Mostafa el-Tobgy, as per organization enrollment archives acquired by columnists. In 2013, a Dana Holdings promotion on the famous Belarussan news site distinguished a man named Mustafa Al Tobgy as a chief overseer of Dana Holdings.

Actually not, at this point claimed by Dana Holdings, the Karić organizations are presently ready to skirt EU authorizes and keep on taking advantage of their associations with Lukashenko.

Gotten some information about this adjustment of proprietorship, Vibor Mulić, administrator of the leading body of Dana Holdings, answered: “Every one of the choices preceding the authorizations, for example, changes in possession were only for business reasons and were made a whole lot sooner.”

He declined to remark on the approvals collected on Dana Holdings, noticing that the organization was amidst a legitimate allure against the choice.

He denied the Karićs had a favored relationship with Lukashenko.

“There is just a connection between Dana Astra and the National Olympic Committee,” Mulic said, alluding to the association’s sponsorship of Belarus’ Olympic advisory group, whose VP is Lukashenko’s child.

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