The Execution Of Rudolf Höss – Commandant of Auschwitz – Video With Original Footage

One of the greatest crimes in History was the Holocaust, in which millions of people were persecuted by the Nazis during the Second World War.

The Germans would focus on exterminating the Jews from Europe, and one of the biggest extermination centres and concentration camps was Auschwitz. Auschwitz would develop over a number of years into a huge site and within it over a million people would be brutally murdered by the Nazi regime.

The commandant and commander of Auschwitz who oversaw much of the mass-murder was Rudolf Höss, who would transform the camp into a huge killing centre, using gas chambers and other ways. Höss was obsessed with developing the most efficient way of mass-murdering a huge amount of people, and Auschwitz was selected as the place where Himmler would encourage the ‘Final Solution,’ to occur. It was selected due to it’s proximity to railway lines, but Höss would oversee the murders of over 1 million Jews and other prisoners.

He himself would come up with the gas-chamber methods that became infamous, however Höss was captured. He was captured by the British and was then even used to take the stand at the Nuremberg Trials, being a defence witness for Ernst Kaltenbrunner. He was then sentenced to death after being found guilty of war crimes in Poland.

Ex-prisoners of Auschwitz would petition at Höss, (the former commandant) would be executed inside his own camp. This was granted and Höss was executed inside Auschwitz at the gallows.

So join us today as we look at ‘The VENGEFUL Execution Of Rudolf Höss – The Commandant of Auschwitz.’