>Cryptome unveils AntiLeaks Questions

AntiLeaks Questions


A sends:


Several questions:

1. What do you hope to gain by your recent attack upon WL?

2. Are you affiliated officially or unofficially with any US
governmental organization? Meaning, are you acting on "orders" or

3. If (2) is a positive, or even as allegedly US citizens, how do you
reconcile your actions with the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights?

4. What would you say to other American Citizens who have viewed your
cyber actions in a negative light?

5. Would you like to comment on the logistics of your attacks? It was
reported that several thousands of computers were taken over for the
attack. Do you confirm these reports?

6. Do you view your actions as: criminal acts, acts of vigilantes or

7. Does antileaks view WL as a "online publisher", a terrorist group
or otherwise?

8. Is antileaks opposed to all "leaks"? Is there any situation when a
leak is justified in the minds of "antileaks" by governmental or
non-governmental actors (and in the realm of any historical context)?