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Democracy Now – Julian Assange Is FREE – Charges Dropped


Unveiled – Sweden ends part of Assange probe


assangeDirector of Public Prosecution Marianne Ny discontinued the investigation of Julian Assange with respect to suspected sexual molestation and unlawful coercion, as these acts are now time-barred.

On13 August 2015, an incident of suspected unlawful coercion and an incident of sexual molestation will be time barred. On 18 August, an additional incident of sexual molestation will be time barred. Concurrently a suspected sexual molestation, of which Julian Assange has not been detained, will be time barred. These events took place five years ago (i.e. in August 2010).

“Julian Assange, on his own accord, has evaded prosecution by seeking refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador. As the statute of limitation has run on some of the crimes, I am compelled to discontinue the investigation with respect to these crimes. I regret having to say, that this means there will be no closure with regard to these events, as we have not been able to interview the suspect,” Director of Public Prosecution Marianne Ny declared.

An incident of suspected rape, less serious crime, will be time barred on 17 August 2020. The preliminary investigation will continue with respect to this crime. The status of the evidence is unchanged, and the possibilities to continue the investigation by interviews with the suspect are not exhausted.

“Since the autumn of 2010, I have tried to gain permission to interview Julian Assange, but he has consistently refused to appear. When the statute of limitation approached, we choose to attempt to interview him in London. A request to interview him on the premises of the Embassy of Ecuador was submitted in the beginning of June, but a permission has yet to be received. I still hope, however, that I will be able to arrange for an interview, as there are ongoing negotiations between Sweden and Ecuador,” Marianne Ny stated.


Julian Assange was detained in his absence by the Stockholm District Court on 18 November 2010. In order to execute the remand decision, the prosecutor issued a European Arrest Warrant. On 7 December of the same year, Assange was apprehended by the British police.

The issue of whether to surrender him under the European Arrest Warrant was heard in three courts in the United Kingdom. On 30 May 2012, the Supreme Court of England and Wales issued a final decision that he should be surrendered to Sweden.

On 19 June 2012, only a few days before his scheduled surrender to Sweden, Julian Assange requested political asylum in Ecuador. Ever since then, he has resided at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

In June 2014, Assange requested a review of the remand decision. On 16 July, the Stockholm District Court decided that he should be still detained, on probable cause suspected of the alleged crimes. This decision was appealed to the Court of Appeal, and finally to the Supreme Court, which affirmed the remand decision on 11 May 2015. The view of the prosecutor has been that an interview with Julian Assange should be held in Sweden, in order to ensure the quality of the interview, and because interviews of this nature commonly lead to new investigatory measures, and thereby additional interviews of the suspect.

As the date on which the crimes were to be time-barred approached, however, the prosecutor requested an interview with Assange at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Conducting an interview requires the consent of Julian Assange, an approval by the United Kingdom of the request for legal assistance, as well as permission by Ecuador to conduct the interview at the Embassy. Assange has consented, and the United Kingdom has granted the request for legal assistance. However, the prosecutor has still not received a permission from Ecuador.

The communication between Sweden and Ecuador is handled by the Ministry of Justice. Ecuador has recently accepted a proposal from Sweden to open a direct dialogue with the purpose of exploring the possibilities of a general agreement between Sweden and Ecuador regarding mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.

Important – WikiLeaks is Now Tax Deductible in U.S. and E.U.

Dear Friend of WikiLeaks

This week sees the launch of the Freedom of the Press Foundation − a new initiative
inspired by the fight against the two-year-long extra-judicial financial embargo
imposed on WikiLeaks by U.S. financial giants including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and
the Bank of America.

The Freedom of Press Foundation is tax deductible across America and takes credit
cards, PayPal and google Checkout.

The other week Wau Holland, who collect money for WikiLeaks in Germany, announced
they are tax deductible across Europe and can take bank transfers. 

Make the most of your donation this Christmas and ensure it is tax deductible using
one of these methods.

Full press release on launch of Freedom of the Press Foundation:
Full Press release on Wau Holland tax deductibility:
All ways to donate: http://shop.wikileaks.org/donate 


Revealed – WikiLeaks declares war on banking blockade



Dear Friend of WikiLeaks 

Today sees the launch of the Freedom of the Press Foundation − a new initiative
inspired by the fight against the two-year-long extra-judicial financial embargo
imposed on WikiLeaks by U.S. financial giants including Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and
the Bank of America.   

The Freedom of the Press Foundation (https://pressfreedomfoundation.org/about), an
initiative of Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) co-founder John Perry Barlow,
former Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, the actor John Cusack and
others, will crowd-source fundraising and support for organizations or individuals
under attack for publishing the truth. It aims to promote "aggressive,
public-interest journalism focused on exposing mismanagement, corruption and
law-breaking in government".   

Over the last two years the blockade has stopped 95 per cent of contributions to
WikiLeaks, running primary cash reserves down from more than a million dollars in
2010 to under a thousand dollars, as of December 2012. Only an aggressive attack
against the blockade will permit WikiLeaks to continue publishing through 2013. 

The new initiative, combined with a recent victory in Germany, means contributions
to WikiLeaks now have tax-deductible status throughout the United States and Europe.

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks' publisher, said: “We've fought this immoral blockade for
two long years. We smashed it in the courts. We smashed it in the Treasury. We
smashed it in France. We smashed it in Germany. And now, with strong and generous
friends who still believe in First Amendment rights, we're going to smash it in the
United States as well.” 

The Foundation's first 'bundle' will crowd-source funds for WikiLeaks, the National
Security Archive, The UpTake and MuckRock News. Donors will be able to use a slider
to set how much of their donation they wish each organization to receive and can
donate to WikiLeaks using their credit cards. The Foundation holds 501(c) charitable
status, so donations are tax-deductible in the U.S. Other courageous press
organizations will be added as time goes by. It will not be possible to see by
banking records what portion of a donor's contribution, if any, goes to WikiLeaks. 

It is admitted by Visa, MasterCard and others that the blockade is entirely as a
result of WikiLeaks' publications. In fact, the U.S. Treasury has cleared WikiLeaks
and WikiLeaks has won against Visa in court, but the blockade continues. 

John Perry Barlow
a board member of the new Foundation, says the initiative aims to achieve more than
just crowd-sourced fundraising: "We hope it makes a moral argument against these
sorts of actions. But it could also be the basis of a legal challenge. We now have
private organizations with the ability to stifle free expression. These companies
have no bill of rights that applies to their action – they only have terms of

The WikiLeaks banking blockade showed how devastating such extra-judicial measures
can be for not-for-profit investigative journalism and free press organizations.
Initiatives such as the Freedom of the Press Foundation are vital to sustain a truly
independent free press.  
In heavily redacted European Commission documents recently released by WikiLeaks
(http://wikileaks.org/European-Commission-enabling.html#pr), MasterCard Europe
admitted that U.S. Senate Homeland Security Chairman Joseph Lieberman and
Congressman Peter T. King were both directly involved in instigating the blockade. 

As journalist Glenn Greenwald
− also on the FPF board − recently wrote: "What possible political value can the
internet serve, or journalism generally, if the U.S. government, outside the
confines of law, is empowered − as it did here − to cripple the operating abilities
of any group which meaningfully challenges its policies and exposes its
wrongdoing?... That the U.S. government largely succeeded in using extra-legal and
extra-judicial means to cripple an adverse journalistic outlet is a truly
consequential episode: nobody, regardless of one's views on WikiLeaks, should want
any government to have that power."   

But what of the chance these U.S. companies will blockade the FPF like they did
WikiLeaks? "Let Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and all the rest block the independent
Freedom of the Press Foundation. Let them demonstrate to the world once again who
they really are," said Mr Assange.

TOP-SECRET – Activation Order – ADM Cyberstalker Client

Activation Order –ADM Cyberstalker

Client – ADM Corporate Security Division

Overview – The client has requested a new cyberstalker report regarding their CEO, Patricia A. Woertz and her immediate family.

Deliverable – Stratfor will provide a written report detailing the available public information regarding the Woertz family. The report will include only information obtained from publicly available sources.

ACTIVATION ORDER – Cyberstalker Report

Date 2007-10-01 18:32:44
From alfano@stratfor.com
To howerton@stratfor.com
Others MessageId: <00df01c80448$b27a6020$8ead1cac@stratfor.com>
InReplyTo: 000c01c7fabf$b265ebf0$ae01a8c0@stratfor.com

The report will contain two primary sections.  The first section will be prose detailing our findings—this section will be approximately four to five pages long.  The second section will be appendices that will provide a copy and paste view of the actual information that we were able to obtain.

The final report should be delivered in PDF format.

Timeline – Anya will write this report.  Following comments from Stick, I’ll send the report to Mike McCullar for edit before COB on Thursday, October 4.  Mike will return the finished product to me by COB on Wednesday, October 10.

Comments –   Client is making decision about whether to conduct full re-investigations on other members of the family.

Investigative Partnership organised by WikiLeaks – the Data was obtained by WikiLeaks.

CRYTOME – Emulate Wikileaks Operation

Despite the money machine Wikileaks has become for the thousands exploiting its product and notoriety, it deserves maximum financial, moral and political support in ways that help avoid dependency upon rigged markets and leveraged endorsements.

In comparison to the braggardy and IP theft of secrecy-protected 1% MSM, governments and corporations hiding behind branded Representative Democracy, Wikileaks — and its kind — are genuinely supportive of direct democracy. Avoid centralized, branded initiatives due to their susceptibility to covert control, participate in OWS and dispersed collectives.

Individual support for these dispersed initiatives is crucial to avoid the trap of 1% funding which has enlisted millions with sinecure indulgences from gov, mil, com, org and edu — not least those of the hypnotic debt-swap easy loan of the Internet which allows aggregating personal information by spying on unwary participants. Hopefully Wikileaks will never become one of those “Goodwill Industries” — gov, mil, com, org and edu — now preying on the Internet by rigging its operation for privileged users claiming public benefit.

The disclosed legal expenses for Assange which appear to soon outweigh Wikileaks’ operating costs do not augur well for the initiative remaining unfettered democratic. No explanation of why the legal costs are not donated — unless they are being used to launder money in the legacy practice of claiming “expenses” used by the 1% to camouflage profit.

Emulate Wikileaks operations with a similar initiative and/or by mirroring the site’s courageous offerings, but avoid the legal-financial black hole entrapment.