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New Film – President Kennedy a day before he was assassinated


Unveiled – Nazi Leaders Executed At Nuremberg

A short film I made, covering the execution of the former Nazi leaders in Nuremberg in October 1946.

Unveiled – The botched execution of the real SS-Commander Amon Goeth from Steven Spielbergs “Schindlers List”

Amon Goeth (full name Amon Leopold Göth) was a Nazi SS officer who was in charge of a concentration camp in Plaszow, Poland. After the war, the Supreme National Tribunal of Poland at Kraków found Göth guilty of murdering tens of thousands of people. He was hanged on September 13, 1946, aged 37, not far from the former site of the Płaszów camp. At his execution, Göth’s hands were tied behind his back. The executioner twice miscalculated the length of rope necessary to hang Göth, and it was only on the third attempt that the execution was successful.

The Execution of German General Dostler in Italy WW II

The Execution of a German General
He served as Chief of Staff of the 7th Army. Subsequently, he commanded the 57th Infantry Division (1941-1942), the 163rd Infantry Division (1942) and the 42nd Army Corps (1943-1944). He was appointed to command the 75th Army Corps in January 1944.