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Countering Terrorist Narratives

This investigation, dispatched by the European Parliament’s Arrangement Division for Subjects’ Rights and Sacred Issues at the demand of the LIBE Panel, gives a review of current ways to deal with countering psychological oppressor stories. The first and second segments layout the distinctive reactions created at the worldwide and European Union levels. The third segment introduces an investigation of four distinctive ways to deal with reacting to fear based oppressor stories: disturbance of publicity conveyance, divert technique, crusade and message outline, and government correspondences and synchronization of message and activity. The last area offers various arrangement proposals, featuring five interrelated ‘lines of exertion’ basic to amplifying the proficiency and viability of counterterrorism and countering fierce fanaticism key correspondence.

1. Worldwide activities to counter fear based oppressor accounts are completed by various distinctive on-screen characters on the supranational, global, local, national and sub-national levels. The UN has set up itself as a key player in the field of counter-stories, rousing related organizations, for example, the Worldwide Counterterrorism Gathering (GCTF) and Hedayah, to help states in building solid designs of activity in this field. Other worldwide associations, for example, NATO and OSCE, have executed activities that attention on vital interchanges and counter-stories. States have likewise expanded endeavors in countering fear based oppressor stories through participation with different states or non-state institutional accomplices. At last, tech organizations have found a way to counteract manhandle of their stages by fear based oppressor on-screen characters.

2. The EU has expected a main part in counter-account endeavors through its own particular offices and projects and in addition through supporting outside activities. Europol assumes a key part in expelling illicit psychological militant substance from the Web while the EU Web Gathering gives a stage to disturb fear monger content and open up counter-accounts. The EU likewise encourages a system of cutting edge specialists, the Radicalisation Mindfulness System, which gives investigations of existing counter-account endeavors. At last, there are various establishments working at the European level, frequently in association with either the EU or Part States, which encourage the making of counter-accounts between governments, industry, and common society.

3. There are four key patterns in current endeavors to handle fear monger purposeful publicity:

I. Interruption of promulgation circulation – The key goal is to meddle with the conveyance of publicity, to put it plainly, to attempt and stop purposeful publicity at the source by keeping it from achieving its intended interest group. Specifically, this has focussed on bringing down promulgation from web-based social networking and erasing affronting accounts.

ii. Divert technique – Instead of eradicating promulgation, this approach looks to divert watchers to various messages trying to ‘bump’ their conduct. Spearheaded by Jigsaw and ISD, this venture diverts those scanning for jihadist material to counter-informing.

iii. Crusade and message outline – These tasks look to give data and aptitudes to Common Society Associations (CSOs) to create correspondence battles, normally in light of counter-story or option account approaches. While interruption looks to stop the spread of purposeful publicity, this approach tries to empower CSOs with the aptitudes to stand up to and undermine the promulgation.

iv. Government correspondences and synchronization of message and activity – There is a propensity for correspondence crusades to be composed in a vacuum, detached from occasions, in actuality. Synchronization approaches take a thorough point of view and intend to connect messages and activities, and to arrange informing crosswise over government and with global accomplices. The quality of these methodologies is to keep the undermining of a story by uncovering its ‘say-do-hole’, through guaranteeing message and activities are adjusted, and through constraining opposing informing.

4. In spite of the fact that counter-accounts is broadly bolstered by governments, think tanks and NGOs, the idea itself is somewhat immature and does not have an exhaustive establishing in observational research. There is little proof to help the adequacy of counternarratives and a significant number of its hidden presumptions have been raised doubt about. There is a requirement for more noteworthy research here and, specifically, compelling observing and assessment of flow counter-account extends keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to guarantee that lessons are found out.

5. Counter-psychological oppression (CT) and countering vicious radicalism (CVE) vital correspondences endeavors crosswise over different projects and activities can be educated by the accompanying suggestions:

I. Interruption of fierce fanatic material should be connected extensively and over various stages, keeping in mind the end goal to abstain from dislodging fear monger informing movement between channels. The vacuum made by interruption should be loaded with a progression of messages intended to use a scope of motivational drivers, keeping in mind the end goal to resound with an intended interest group subject to changing inspirations and so as to have a strengthening total impact on that gathering of people.

ii. To guarantee cognizant informing over the short, medium and long haul, battle and message plan standards should be synchronized through the foundation of a reasonable and easy to-comprehend, larger focal account, which is upheld by a specifically assorted exhibit of messages.

iii. An unmistakable recognizable proof of the intended interest group is essential to successful key correspondences, considering a range of potential customers of the message (expected, unintended, supporters, enemies and neutrals). A nuanced behavioral and attitudinal comprehension of that group of onlookers is expected to powerfully shape mentalities and practices.

iv. Measuring the viability of vital interchanges requires appraisals that emphasis on measures of key education, specialized proficiency and target gathering of people. These appraisals should be at first performed preceding the beginning of a key interchanges exertion to build up a standard measure. Once the benchmark measurements are set up, these evaluations should be consistently executed as a way to check the viability and proficiency of the battle after some time.

v. So as to pick up put stock in, believability and authenticity according to an intended interest group, informing should be synchronized with exercises on the ground, in this manner diminishing the apparent uniqueness between what one says and does (the ‘say-do hole’). The focal necessity for enhancing the synchronization of informing and activity crosswise over organizations is to a great extent social. Antiquated states of mind that ‘activities talk louder than words’ add to a hierarchical culture, frequently strengthened by principle, which bears vital interchanges an ex post facto part in operations, procedure and arrangement. Vital correspondences ought to be a key thought in arranging from the earliest starting point of the

iii. A reasonable distinguishing proof of the intended interest group is key to viable vital correspondences, considering a range of potential buyers of the message (planned, unintended, supporters, foes and neutrals). A nuanced behavioral and attitudinal comprehension of that gathering of people is expected to powerfully shape mentalities and practices.

iv. Measuring the adequacy of key correspondences requires evaluations that emphasis on measures of vital education, specialized proficiency and target group of onlookers. These evaluations should be at first performed preceding the beginning of a key interchanges exertion with a specific end goal to build up a benchmark measure. Once the benchmark measurements are built up, these appraisals should be frequently executed as a way to check the adequacy and productivity of the battle after some time.

v. Keeping in mind the end goal to pick up put stock in, believability and authenticity according to an intended interest group, informing should be synchronized with exercises on the ground, in this manner lessening the apparent dissimilarity between what one says and does (the ‘say-do hole’). The focal prerequisite for enhancing the synchronization of informing and activity crosswise over administrations is to a great extent social. Antiquated states of mind that ‘activities talk louder than words’ add to a hierarchical culture, regularly strengthened by precept, which bears key interchanges an ex post facto part in operations, procedure and arrangement. Key correspondences ought to be a key thought in arranging from the earliest starting point of the


Attack on German Christmas Market underscores Threat to Mass Gatherings

Germany: Vehicular Assault at Christmas Market Underscores Threat to Mass Gatherings and Open-Access Venues

Page Count: 4 pages
Date: December 21, 2016
Restriction: For Official Use Only
Originating Organization: Department of Homeland Security, Office of Intelligence and Analysis
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(U) A 25-ton commercial truck transporting steel beams from Poland to Germany plowed into crowds at a Christmas market in Berlin at about 2000 local time on 19 December, killing at least 12 people and injuring 48 others, several critically, according to media reporting citing public security officials involved in the investigation. The truck was reportedly traveling at approximately 40 miles per hour when it rammed the Christmas market stands. Police estimate the vehicle traveled 80 yards into the Christmas market before coming to a halt.

(U) German authorities are calling the attack a terrorist incident, with the attacker still at large. German authorities are warning that it is unclear if the attacker was a lone offender, acted as part of a cell, or if he received any sort of direction by a FTO, and expressed concern that additional attacks are possible. An individual who was initially detained on 19 December was released on 20 December, and is no longer considered a suspect, according to German police. The truck may have been stolen or hijacked with the original driver overpowered or murdered. The original driver, found dead in the truck cab, appears to have died from stabbing and shooting wounds, according to media reporting citing law enforcement officials. The truck tracking location system indicated repeated engine stalls in the time leading up to the attack, leading the owner of the vehicle to speculate this was unlikely if a veteran driver was operating the truck, unless there was some sort of mechanical trouble. In response to the incident, German authorities, as part of their heightened security posture, will place concrete barriers around access points at Christmas markets across Germany.

(U//FOUO) Vehicle Ramming Featured in Recent Terrorist Messaging

(U//FOUO) I&A assesses that the 19 December likely terrorist attack at one of the largest Christmas markets in Berlin highlights terrorists’ continued use of simple tactics and is consistent with recent calls by the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) for attacks in the West using “all available means.” In an early December audio statement, ISIL spokesman Abu Hassan al-Muhajir called for attacks in “their homes, markets, street gatherings and anywhere they do not think of.” Vehicle ramming has been featured in recent violent extremist publications and messaging—including in ISIL’s al Rumiyah magazine and al-Qaʻida in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) Inspire magazine—especially since the mid-July vehicle ramming attack in Nice, France. The early-November third issue of Rumiyah highlighted applicable targets for vehicle ramming attacks such as “large outdoor conventions and celebrations, pedestrian-congested streets, outdoor markets, festivals, parades, and political rallies.” The most recent Homeland attack featuring this tactic occurred at Ohio State University in Columbus on 28 November, where Abdul Razak Ali Artan ran over pedestrians and then continued the attack with an edged weapon after the vehicle came to a stop.

(U//FOUO) On 20 December, ISIL’s A’maq News Agency called the attacker “an Islamic State soldier” consistent with previous instances of quickly posting claims of credit for operations. While the attack bears the hallmarks of ISIL’s tactics and targets, we have not been able to determine a definitive link to the group at this time.

(U//FOUO) I&A has no information indicating a specific or credible threat against individuals, locations or events in the Homeland, but several recent plots and attacks in the United States and overseas involving shopping malls, mass transit, and mass gatherings, including sporting events, have shown that homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) and terrorist groups are interested in attacking these types of targets. I&A assesses that commercial facilities—such as festivals, concerts, outdoor events, and other mass gatherings—remain a potential target for terrorists or HVEs, as they often pursue simple, achievable attacks with an emphasis on economic impact and mass casualties. The most likely tactics in a hypothetical terrorist attack against such events likely would involve edged weapons, small arms, vehicular assaults, and possibly improvised explosive devices. The 19 December events underscore the difficulties the private sector and law enforcement face in securing venues that are pedestrian-friendly, particularly in light of the large number of such aereas.

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Counter-Da’esh Influence Operations Cognitive Space Narrative Simulation Insights

Counter-Da’esh Influence Operations Cognitive Space Narrative Simulation Insights

Page Count: 69 pages
Date: May 2016
Restriction: None
Originating Organization: Joint Staff J39
File Type: pdf
File Size: 3,665,757 bytes
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When planning to deal with any adversary or potential adversaries, it is essential to understand who they are, how they function, their strengths and vulnerabilities, and why they oppose us. Events over the course of the last year and a half highlight the importance of those factors as they relate to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or Da’esh). One of Da’esh’s obvious strengths is its ability to propagate tailored messages that resonate with its audiences. If the US Government and our allies are to counter Da’esh effectively, we must attack this center of gravity.

The Joint Staff J-39 Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) branch has been evaluating options in “Cognitive Space” to conduct Information Operations to disrupt Da’esh’s ability to command and control forces, neutralize its ability to maintain or increase moral, political, and financial support as well as recruit foreign fighters. This SMA effort continues to identify methods to psychologically isolate Da’esh leaders from one another and their respective constituencies inside and outside of the organization. Furthermore, this SMA effort has been assessing the value of “integrated neuro-cognitive-narrative maneuver” approaches to develop messages and actions that are more likely to have intended effects and less likely to have undesirable unintended or collateral effects, as well as to evaluate message delivery methods more effectively and efficiently by developing campaigns that achieve undercutting effects.

The cornerstone of the effort was the execution of a simulation facilitated by the University of Maryland ICONS team, which sought to

a. support the Psychological Operations (PSYOP) community in meeting training requirements in ways that reinforce the PSYOP process and enhance counter-Da’esh messaging.

b. support the PSYOP community in integrating neuro-cognitive and social science concepts to refine counter-Da’esh message content and increase the effectiveness of the Information Operations (IO) campaign.

c. assist the PSYOP community with understanding the operational environment (OE) and the human networks operating in the OE: friendly, threat, and neutral. Possible examples include providing a (Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, and Infrastructure) PMESII-framed OE analysis and center of gravity analysis.

This white paper is a compilation of the key findings from the simulation.


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