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TMZ – Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Pregnant Weight!



In an interview last night on “Extra,” Kim Kardashian addressed all the magazine covers speculating about her pregnant weight, saying, “[they] say I am 200 pounds and I’m like, ‘You are like 60 pounds off.'” So, she weighs 260 pounds. Unless she means the other way…


TMZ TV-Who’s Fatter: Pregnant Kim Kardashian or Pregnant Jessica Simpson?


Both Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson are gaining weight now that they’re well into pregnancy, so we’re going to play a sort of messed up game: Who’s fatter? Winner gets the healthiest baby!

TMZ – Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn Dating — Will He Cheat Again?



Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods made it official — they’re dating — but we all knew that was the case back when Tiger sent his private jet to pick her up last month… so now, the only real update is these awkward “it’s official!” photos they took together.

TMZ – Joe Flacco — The RICHEST Normal Dude EVER!


Joe Flacco is not only the highest paid QB in NFL history… he’s also the most normal friggin’ dude in the world! Who would EVER guess this dude just made $121 MILLION DOLLARS!?

Justice prevails – Bin Laden son-in-law detained overseas, brought to New York

  • Al-Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman Bu Ghaith speaks in an undated video message carried on Qatar's al-Jazeera television October 9, 2001 saying that the militant group believed in "terrorism against oppressors". [Osama bin Laden's] al-Qaeda group said on Tuesday that hijacked plane attacks on the United States would continue and that the "battle" would not end until America withdraws from Muslim lands. The station did not explain the origin of the statement but it appeared to be a video recording. Sulaiman Bu Ghaith had appeared with [bin Laden] on a recorded statement issued via Jazeera last Sunday. REUTERS

     Al-Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman Bu Ghaith speaks in an undated video message carried on Qatar’s al-Jazeera television October 9, 2001 saying that the militant group believed in “terrorism against oppressors”. …more 

 Prosecutors unsealed an indictment against a son-in-law of Osama bin Laden on Thursday that charged him with conspiracy to kill Americans, after government sources said he was arrested overseas and brought to New York.

Suleiman Abu Ghaith, a militant who appeared in videos representing al Qaeda after the September 11 attacks in 2001, had initially been picked up in Turkey and was brought to the United States in an operation led by Jordanian authorities and the FBI, the sources said.

The Turkish government deported him to Jordan, the sources said, where local authorities and the FBI took custody of him. He was brought to the United States in the last few days, a law enforcement source said.

U.S. officials including Attorney General Eric Holder announced the indictment on Thursday, saying he would be arraigned on Friday at U.S. District Court in lower Manhattan, only blocks from the site of the World Trade Center, which was destroyed in the September 11 attacks.

Abu Ghaith becomes one of the highest-ranking al Qaeda figures to be brought to the United States for civilian trial. When Holder previously announced plans to try defendants in the September 11 attacks in the same courthouse, he was forced to back down by public opposition, and the trials were moved to the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

New York police were less concerned Abu Ghaith’s case would present a security problem than they were about the trials of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others charged with plotting the attacks, a law enforcement source said.

“It’s not the same. It doesn’t rise to that level,” said the source, who is familiar with the department’s views and spoke on condition of anonymity.

The indictment accused Abu Ghaith of acting in a conspiracy that “would and did murder United States nationals anywhere in the world,” listing actions before and after September 11, 2001.

“Among other things, Abu Ghaith urged others to swear allegiance to bin Laden, spoke on behalf of and in support of al Qaeda’s mission, and warned that attacks similar to those of September 11, 2001 would continue,” the indictment said.



It cited a May 2001 gathering at a house in Kandahar, Afghanistan, alleging Abu Ghaith urged guests to swear allegiance to bin Laden, and it says bin Laden summoned Abu Ghaith on the evening of September 11, requesting his assistance. 

Bin Laden and Abu Ghaith appeared together the next morning, when the defendant warned the United States and its allies that a “great army is gathering against you” and that “the nation of Islam” would do battle against “the Jews, the Christians and the Americans,” the indictment alleges.


Initial public confirmation of Abu Ghaith’s capture came from Representative Peter King, a senior Republican member of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee and former chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

“I commend our CIA and FBI, our allies in Jordan, and President (Barack) Obama for their capture of al-Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith. I trust he received a vigorous interrogation, and will face swift and certain justice,” King said in a statement.

U.S. sources indicated that, while a CIA role in the capture of Abu Ghaith could not be ruled out, the FBI took the lead role in the operation under the auspices of an interagency body known as the High-value Detainee Interrogation Group.

The group was created by Obama’s administration after the president ordered the shutdown of a CIA program in which militant suspects were detained and held in a network of secret prisons during the administration of President George W. Bush.

The suspects were sometimes subjected to controversial and physically coercive “enhanced interrogation techniques,” and also were sometimes transferred without trial to third countries under a procedure known as “extraordinary rendition.”

Records compiled by a United Nations sanctions committee show Abu Ghaith was born in Kuwait in 1965.

After the September 11 attacks, Abu Ghaith first surfaced as one of al Qaeda’s main spokesmen. Later, U.S. officials believe he was part of a group of top al Qaeda figures that included one of bin Laden’s sons, Saad, who allegedly traveled to Iran, where the Iranian government said they were being held “in custody.”

The Long War Journal, a counterterrorism blog published by the conservative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, reported in 2010 that Abu Ghaith had been released by Iranian authorities and supposedly had returned to Afghanistan.

Cyberattacks against us – Same procedure – Wall Street Journal Announces That It, Too, Was Hacked by the Chinese


One day after The New York Times reported that Chinese hackers had infiltrated its computers and stolen passwords for its employees, The Wall Street Journal announced that it too had been hacked.

On Thursday, The Journal reported that it had been attacked by Chinese hackers who were trying to monitor the company’s coverage of China. It said hackers had broken into its network through computers in its Beijing bureau.

In a written statement, the business newspaper owned by News Corporation described the attack as an “ongoing issue” and said it was working closely with authorities and security specialists to clean up its systems. It said that it completed a “network overhaul” on Thursday in an effort to rid its systems of hackers.

China’s Ministry of National Defense has denied any involvement in the cyberattack at The Times or any other American corporations.

But security experts said that in 2008, Chinese hackers began targeting American news organizations as part of an effort to monitor coverage of Chinese issues.

In a report for clients in December, Mandiant, a computer security company, said that over the course of several investigations it found evidence that Chinese hackers had stolen e-mails, contacts and files from more than 30 journalists and executives at Western news organizations, and had maintained a “short list” of journalists for repeated attacks. Among those targeted were journalists who had written about Chinese leaders, political and legal issues in China and the telecom giant Huawei.

Bloomberg News, another American news organization, was targeted by Chinese hackers last year, and some computers were infected, according to a person with knowledge of the company’s internal investigation. The attack occurred after Bloomberg published an article on June 29 about the wealth accumulated by relatives of Xi Jinping, a Chinese official who is expected to become president in March.

Bloomberg has confirmed that hackers had made attempts but said that “no computer systems or computers were compromised.”

The timing of the attacks on The New York Times coincided with the reporting for an investigation, published online on Oct. 25, that found that the relatives of Wen Jiabao,China’s prime minister, had accumulated a fortune worth several billion dollars through business dealings.

Security experts hired by The Times to detect and block the computer attacks found digital evidence that Chinese hackers, using methods that some consultants have associated with the Chinese military in the past, breached The Times’s network.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that officials in the Obama administration were considering more assertive action against Beijing to stop Chinese computer espionage campaigns.

The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said Thursday a global effort was needed o establish “rules of the road” for cyber activity.  In her final meeting with reporters at the State Department, Mrs. Clinton addressed a question about China’s efforts to infiltrate computer systems at The New York Times.

 “We have seen over the last years an increase in not only the hacking attempts on government institutions but also non-governmental ones,” Mrs. Clinton said.

The Chinese, she said, “are not the only people who are hacking us.”

 “There is a lot that we are working on that will be deployed in the event that we don’t get some kind of international effort under way,” Mrs. Clinton added without elaborating.

The United States has been increasingly vocal about such efforts against government and private industry. In a November 2011 intelligence report, government officials specifically accused China and Russia of stealing intellectual property for economic gain.


Video – Sexy ‘Reporter’ with Prime Minister Ivica Dacic

THIS sexy lass says pants to diplomacy – as she flashes her naked undercarriage to the Serbian Prime Minister. Politician Ivica Dacic was caught unawares by the cheeky prank during an interview for Croatian television. He thought he was in the studio to answer questions on Balkan politics – but instead was treated to a full-frontal from the show’s sexy presenter.

The clip begins with the stunning but improbably dressed host – a model acting as a journalist – welcoming Dacic to the studio.

Wearing a tiny, low-cut dress and heavy make-up, she kisses him on both cheeks and settles him in his chair as he is miked up.

With her legs crossed, she proceeds to ask hapless Dacic a series of political questions.

But as he gives a sombre reply to one of her comments, the shapely brunette slowly re-crosses her legs – and reveals her own controversial policy.

The move is clearly stolen from the racy flick Basic Instinct – although this lass is no Sharon Stone.

As the word “Censored” covers her modesty – just about – a nervous cameraman pans to Dacic for his reaction.

But the Serb shows he’s in the Premier league when it comes to taking a joke – he is shown going goggle-eyed with shock before smirking and enjoying a chuckle at the prank.

The scene – part of a candid camera show called Nemoguca Misija (meaning “Mission Impossible”) – has now had nearly 1million views on YouTube.
In der serbischen Version von “Verstehen Sie Spaß” geht es zur Sache: Das Opfer der Sendung — Serbiens Premier Ivica Dacic — bekommt es mit einer äußert leichtbekleideten Journalistin zu tun.





Reporting by Bernd Pulch, Lionel Goodwin, Sarah Goodsmith, Bridget Gallagher and Tim Wilkinson

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