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Born of Hope – Full Movie

Born of Hope is an independent feature film inspired by the Lord of the Rings and produced by Actors at Work Productions in the UK.

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A scattered people, the descendants of storied sea kings of the ancient West, struggle to survive in a lonely wilderness as a dark force relentlessly bends its will toward their destruction. Yet amidst these valiant, desperate people, hope remains. A royal house endures unbroken from father to son.

This 70 minute original drama is set in the time before the War of the Ring and tells the story of the Dúnedain, the Rangers of the North, before the return of the King. Inspired by only a couple of paragraphs written by Tolkien in the appendices of the Lord of the Rings we follow Arathorn and Gilraen, the parents of Aragorn, from their first meeting through a turbulent time in their people’s history.


The STASI in West-Berlin – Die STASI in West-Berlin – Full Movie – Ganzer Film

Das Ministerium für Staatssicherheit der DDR (kurz MfS oder Stasi, abwertend auch SSD) war der Inlands- und Auslandsgeheimdienst der DDR und zugleich Ermittlungsbehörde (Untersuchungsorgan) für „politische Straftaten”. Das MfS war innenpolitisch vor allem ein Unterdrückungs- und Überwachungsinstrument der SED („Schild und Schwert der Partei”) gegenüber der DDR-Bevölkerung, das dem Machterhalt diente. Dabei setzte es als Mittel Überwachung, Einschüchterung, Terror und die so genannte Zersetzung gegen Oppositionelle und Regimekritiker („feindlich-negative Personen”) ein.

Das MfS wurde am 8. Februar 1950 gegründet. Der Sprachgebrauch der SED, der das MfS als „Schild und Schwert der Partei” bezeichnete, beschreibt die ihm zugedachte Funktion im politisch-ideologischen System der DDR.

Neben dem MfS gab es auch einen weiteren Nachrichtendienst in der DDR, die Militärische Aufklärung der Nationalen Volksarmee (militärischer Aufklärungsdienst) mit Sitz in Berlin-Treptow. Die Verwaltung Aufklärung wurde ebenso wie die Grenztruppen und die restliche NVA durch die Hauptabteilung I (MfS-Militärabwehr oder Verwaltung 2000) kontrolliert („abgesichert”).

TOP-SECRET – The CIA Crown Jewels – The Watergare Case

Citation: DDCI Statement about the Watergate Case
[Central Intelligence Agency Employee Bulletin Containing Vernon Walter’s Statement on CIA Involvement in Watergate; Best Available Copy] , [Classification Unknown], Newsletter, 359, May 21, 1973, 3 pp.
Collection: The CIA Family Jewels Indexed
Item Number: FJ00031
Origin: United States. Central Intelligence Agency
Organizations Named:
Cushman, Robert E., Jr.; Dean, John Wesley III; Democratic National Committee (U.S.); Ehrlichman, John D.; Gray, L. Patrick; Haldeman, H.R.; Helms, Richard M.; Hunt, E. Howard; Nixon, Richard M.; Schlesinger, James R.; United States. Department of Justice; United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation; United States. White House; Walters, Vernon A.
Subjects: Congressional hearings | Covert operations | Government appropriations and expenditures | Mexico | Watergate Affair (1972-1974)
Abstract: Disseminates Vernon Walter’s statement to congressional committee about his communications with John Dean and Patrick Gray on Central Intelligence Agency involvement in Watergate and CIA’s issuance of equipment to Howard Hunt.
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Hitler’s Warriors – Wilhelm Keitel – Full Movie


From the series “Hitler’s Warriors”.

Wilhelm Bodewin Gustav Keitel (22 September 1882 — 16 October 1946) was a German field marshal (Generalfeldmarschall). As head of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Supreme Command of the Armed Forces) and de facto war minister, he was one of Germany’s most senior military leaders during World War II. At the Allied court at Nuremberg he was tried, sentenced to death and hanged as a war criminal.

TOP-SECRET from the FBI – Eleven Individuals of the Genovese Organized Crime Family Indicted

An 18-count indictment was unsealed in federal court in Brooklyn this morning charging 11 individuals, including several made members and associates of the Genovese organized crime family of La Cosa Nostra (the “Genovese family”), variously with racketeering conspiracy, extortion, illegal gambling, union embezzlement, and obstruction of justice. The defendants will make their initial appearance later today before United States Magistrate Judge Marilyn D. Go at the U.S. Courthouse at 225 Cadman Plaza East in Brooklyn, New York.

The case was announced by Loretta E. Lynch, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York; Janice K. Fedarcyk, Assistant Director in Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, New York Field Office; Robert Panella, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General, Office of Labor Racketeering and Fraud Investigations, New York Region; Raymond W. Kelly, Commissioner, New York City Police Department; and Rose Gill Hearn, Commissioner, New York City Department of Investigation (DOI).

As alleged in the indictment and a detention memorandum filed by the government today, Conrad Ianniello is a captain in the Genovese family. James Bernardone, the Secretary Treasurer of Local 124 of the International Union of Journeymen and Allied Trades (IUJAT), and Salvester Zarzana, the former President of Local 926 of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, are both soldiers in the Genovese family. Ryan Ellis, Paul Gasparrini, William Panzera, and Robert Scalza, the Secretary Treasurer of IUJAT Local 713, are associates of the Genovese family. Also named as defendants are Robert Fiorello, Rodney Johnson, Felice Masullo, and John Squitieri.

Ianniello is charged with, among other crimes, racketeering conspiracy, including predicate acts of illegal gambling; conspiring to extort vendors at the annual Feast of San Gennaro held in Little Italy, New York in 2008; and, along with Scalza and Ellis, conspiring to extort a labor union between April 2008 and May 2008 in order to induce the union to cease its efforts to organize workers at a company on Long Island. Based on their threats, the defendants allegedly hoped to pave the way for Scalza’s union, IUJAT Local 713, to unionize the company instead.

The indictment charges Bernardone and Gasparrini with racketeering conspiracy, including predicate acts of conspiring to extort a subcontractor related to work performed at construction sites in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn from approximately 2006 to 2009, including work performed at a Hampton Inn located on Ditmars Boulevard in Queens. Zarzana is also charged with extortion related to one of those construction sites. In addition, the indictment alleges that in 2008, Squitieri embezzled money from employee pension and annuity funds of Local 7-Tile, Marble, and Terrazzo of the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers union by providing non-union laborers to perform tile-related work during a renovation at the Paramount Hotel in Manhattan, thereby avoiding paying into Local 7’s employee pension benefit plans. Johnson, a project manager at the Paramount Hotel renovation, is charged with obstruction of justice in connection with his efforts to impede a federal grand jury investigation conducted in this district that ultimately resulted in the charges brought in the indictment unsealed today.

Finally, Panzera and Fiorello are charged with crimes related to their involvement in loansharking and the extortionate collection of money from a victim.

“This indictment is the most recent chapter in this office’s continued fight against organized crime’s efforts to infiltrate unions and businesses operating in New York City. Where others saw a city festival, urban renewal, and job growth, these defendants allegedly saw only a chance to line their pockets at the expense of hard working individuals. And when law enforcement began to probe their actions, one defendant allegedly went so far as to try to block that investigation,” stated United States Attorney Lynch. “Organized crime figures and union officials who seek to earn money by corrupting legitimate industry will be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

FBI Assistant Director in Charge Fedarcyk stated, “Today’s charges highlight not only the ongoing vigilance of the FBI in policing the corrupt conduct of La Cosa Nostra, but also the necessity of such vigilance. Even as mob families seek and discover new ways to make money by illegitimate means, they continue to rely on tried-and-true schemes like extortion and gambling. The mob’s purpose is making money, and how is less important than how much.”

Special Agent in Charge Panella, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General, stated, “The RICO indictment and today’s arrests reflect our strong commitment to combat the infiltration of unions by organized crime members and associates for their personal enrichment. The defendants allegedly utilized their organized crime influence to corrupt businesses and advance various illegal schemes. The Office of Inspector General will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to vigorously investigate labor racketeering in the nation’s unions.”

NYPD Commissioner Kelly stated, “As alleged in the indictment, the defendants’ extortion knew no bounds—in fact, one of the defendants allegedly even used the feast of San Gennaro to extort money from vendors involved in the celebration of the saint’s life. I commend the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the federal agents and New York City detectives for this successful investigation.”

DOI Commissioner Gill Hearn stated, “The charges underscore the determination of federal and city investigators to curtail organized crime’s influence in New York City, including the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy. DOI was pleased to assist its federal partners on this significant indictment.”

The defendants face maximum sentences ranging from five to 20 years of imprisonment on each count of conviction.

The government’s case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Nicole Argentieri, Jacquelyn Kasulis, and Amanda Hector.

The Defendants

Name Age Residence
Conrad Ianniello 68 Staten Island, New York
James Bernardone 44 Bronx, New York
Ryan Ellis 30 Queens, New York
Rober Fiorello 62 Jackson, New Jersey
Paul Gasparrini 39 Yonkers, New York
Rodney Johnson 49 Edgewater, New Jersey
Felice Masullo 40 Queens, New York
William Panzera 39 North Haledon, New Jersey
Robert Scalza 66 Long Island, New York
John Squitieri 55 Rockland County, New York
Salvester Zarzana 48 Brooklyn, New York

Revealed – Kony 2012 Campaign Loses Couch Potatoes


Linking to a video on Facebook is one thing. Getting off the couch is quite another.

Viral internet sensation Kony 2012 found the campaign’s youthful army of ”clicktivists” largely unwilling to actually get up, go outside and put up posters.

Judging by the mood online, many had decided the whole meme was, like, so 10 minutes ago.

Participants in the campaign’s Cover the Night event on Friday were asked to form into teams, volunteer for their community for a few hours by picking up rubbish or washing cars, then spend the evening plastering walls, pavements and windows with promotional material.

But amazing things generally failed to happen. In New York, barely 5000 people had pledged on Facebook to join in. The event’s page didn’t specify a location, and Twitter revealed only a handful of groups heading to places such as Times Square, where a big video screen showed a Kony 2012 trailer every half hour just above a Foot Locker store.