Secret Monaco Intelligence Report reveals ISLAMIC FANATICS IN AND AROUND MONACO

In early December 2006, the Monaco Intelligence Service delivered a report to Prince Albert of Monaco on the identities of fanatical Moslems in and around the Principality of Monaco.

Most of these Islamic extremists were in France, within striking distance of Monaco.

We were concerned that many such fanatical Moslems had taken jobs centering on Monaco’s Port Hercules.

Our report was compiled partly from Monaco police files and partly from intelligence provided to us by the foreign intelligence services with which we liaised.

Monaco Police Captain Yves Subraud, who investigated Islamic extremism in and around Monaco, estimated that 30 percent of the Moslems in Cap d’Ail and Beausoleil, on opposite ends of Monaco, were fanatics.

The French converts, he added, were more fanatical than ethnic Arabs.

“I don’t know where my reports go,” Subraud told me.  “No action is ever taken.”